Activity Statuses and Grade Bands in Learning Tree

This article defines the different activity statuses and Performance Grade Bands students will encounter in the Learning Tree learning management system.

Activity Statuses

As you move through the course content, you will encounter several activity statuses. These are defined below.

Status Status Bar Definition
Completed   Graded assignments or assessments which have been graded. 
 In-Progress  Graded assignments or assessments which have been started but are not submitted. 
 In-Review  Assessments or graded assignments the student turned in awaiting teacher grading
 Invalid Range 

Graded assignment or assessment from which the student was excused prior to it being completed.

 Not Started  Activities which have yet to be accessed
 PendingEvaluation    Assessments with extended-text questions (i.e., essays) which are awaiting teacher grading
 Read  Activities the student completed where the Capture Read Status toggle was applied. 
 Reopen  Assessments or graded assignments the teacher is allowing the student to re-access to finish an incomplete assessment/assignment or to clarify an answer. 
 Submitted    Graded assignments and upload assessments which are awaiting the teacher to submit a single assignment score
 Viewed  Ungraded activities which have been opened and have met the standard for completion for Lincoln Learning course content. May also be activities the student completed where the Capture Viewed Status toggle was applied. 

Performance Grade Bands

As you complete graded assignments and assessments, your grades will be displayed as a Performance Grade Band which are color-coded and have a descriptive name. The default Performance Grade Band names, score ranges, and visual examples are below.

NOTE: Your district or school can customize the colors, descriptions, and score ranges of the grade bands.

 Grade Band Descriptor   Grade Band Visual   Score Range 
 Beginner   Scores 0%-64% 
 Developing   Scores 65%-79% 
 Proficient   Scores 80%-89% 
 Distinguished   Scores 90%-100% 

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