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This article is designed to help you use the Assessment Marker tool to grade student submissions.


The Assessment Marker gives teachers the ability to grade student upload submissions easily. This includes the ability to mark up or add notations to student-submitted images, to view or download documents, and to listen to and grade student audio/video submissions. This tool has a robust search/filter functionality, and it gives teachers the ability to see the original item from the syllabus along with the student submission. Check out the information in this article to see how this tool works! 

You can begin to use the tool by selecting a course that you teach. A search/filter option is present in the course dropdown in case you have a long list of courses.

Upon your course selection, a second dropdown will populate with the students in the course. You can select a single student from the dropdown, or you may select all ungraded submissions within that course.

If you choose a single student, you will see all of this student's ungraded submissions by default. These are upload submissions that the student has submitted that have not yet been graded in either this tool or the default gradebook. 

Filtering options are available to limit these results, show items that have already been graded, or show incomplete syllabus items.

If you choose, you can use the Item Filter text box to type a few letters to narrow the list. You can type a few letters from the title, date, or status.

If you select a single student, you can toggle the Show Submitted, Show Graded, or Show Incomplete buttons. These will show/hide specific items based on their status. You have the option to reset, re-grade or submit these items as well. If a long list of results appears, these results will be paginated, and a list of page numbers will display at the bottom of the screen. The default items shown is eight per page.

If you opt to Show All Ungraded Student Items, the other Show Graded/Incomplete filters will be disabled. The Show All Ungraded Student Items button shows all ungraded items for a specific course and does not show previously graded or incomplete items.

You can use the Item Filter option to filter out students (or titles or dates).


After you choose your course and student, you will see the list of student submissions on the left sidebar. Upon selection of a student submission, you will be presented with a student grading section, student submissions, and original syllabus items. Based on the student submission type (e.g., image, audio, video, document), the student submission section will vary.

Within the student grading section, you must supply a grade; however, you have the option to add teacher comments as well. 

You can reset a graded item by clicking the Allow Retry button. This will allow the student to submit another attachment and try the item again.

If you scroll down past the student grading section, you will see the student submission section, which is a portion that varies based on file type. Below that portion is the option to view the original syllabus item presented to the student.

This gives you the ability to see the item requirements without having to leave the page or open another window to find it within the syllabus. Click Show Original Syllabus Item to populate this view.

Between the student grading section and the original syllabus item, you will find the student submission. Depending on the student attachment type, you may see either a link to download, a play bar, a video player, or an image editor.

The following is an example of how a document or unsupported file type will appear, which is a link to download. Clicking on this link will open the file locally on your computer.

If an .mp3 audio or .mp4 video is submitted, you will see an inline play bar to listen to or watch the file directly within the page.

NOTE: If the submission is an image, you will be presented with an image markup tool (Assessment Marker) to draw directly on the image, add stickers, write text, or resubmit the marked up image to the student. A description of the functionality of this tool follows.


If the student submitted any image file(s), you have the option to provide the student with feedback directly on their image and submit an image as a response. You will be presented with a Markup Tool that has options to crop, rotate, create callout text boxes, add stickers, add freeform drawings, and move or remove added items. The markup toolbar is displayed above the student-submitted image.

Edit Feature

If you need to adjust the size of a submitted image, you can use the Resize buttons under the Edit tab to adjust the image size manually or automatically.

Select the Edit tab and then the Auto-resize button, and the image will adjust to fit the window. 

Select the Edit tab and then the Drag resize button and drag the border of the image to change the size. 

If you need to return the image to its original size, click the Show Original Image button. This will also remove any cropping performed on the image.

You can crop an image under the Edit tab to return only a specific section of an image or remove any unnecessary space.

This tool functions similar to any other image cropping tool. Simply select the Edit tab and then the Crop option, and once you have selected your area, click the Crop button to apply the changes.

Sticker Options

You can place predefined images/stickers on top of the student submission by navigating to the Stickers tab. Eight small pages of icons are available to be added to the student submission; these are updated several times per year. 

Simply navigate to the Stickers tab and then select a sticker. It is important to click or tap to select the sticker. Do not drag and drop the sticker from the selection.

Next, place the sticker at your desired location.

Text Feature

You can add text callout boxes to an image, and this works similar to stickers. To add a text callout box, navigate to the Text tab, and click or tap anywhere on the image for a callout box to popup. Once you see the callout box, you can start typing text within this area. The Enter/Return key adds a new line. 

Prior to selecting the location of the text callout box, you can determine where the arrow should reside, and the callout box can be defined under the Shape area.  You can also select the font, size, and color of the text.

Freeform/Draw Options

The Draw tab gives you the ability to use a pencil to draw freeform lines. It also gives you an opportunity to identify things with arrows, ellipses, or rectangles. 

You can change the color and the stroke size of your selected tool. 

Navigate to the Draw tab to see a list of tools available. You might consider playing around with the options and the pencil tool within the markup application to understand how you can create freeform drawings or shapes on top of an image.

Move/Remove Feature

If you decided that you added something that you want to remove, you can do so easily without having to redo your work. 

If you want to move an existing item, simply navigate to the Move tab and select an item that you added to the screen. The item then will become attached to your mouse or pointer, and you may click or tap to move the item to your desired location.

If you want to remove something prior to submission, you can simply remove an item in a method similar to moving an item. Select the Remove tab and click or tap on the item that you want to remove. The item will clear.

Undo/Redo/Delete Options

You also have the option to undo or redo an action. You can delete all markup items off of the image and start over if you choose. The buttons for these features can be found on the left portion of the markup tool.


To submit your grade or comments, simply enter a grade, enter comments (optional), and press the Post Grade & Comments button. This will process your request, submit your teacher response, and remove the item from the list in the sidebar.


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