Associating a Mentor to a Student from the Student Record

This article explains how to associate a student to a mentor from the Student record.

Navigate to Users.

Search for the student you wish to associate to a mentor.

Click the Full Name hyperlink to open the student user record.

TIP: You can verify you are selecting a Student user by referencing the User Type column.

The student’s Information record displays. Click the Mentors tab.

The list of mentors associated to the student displays. Click Add Mentor.

The Add Mentor form displays. Begin to type a UsernameFull NameLast Name, or Email to Search Mentors. Select the appropriate mentor from the list. Then, click Save Mentor.

IMPORTANT: Full Name and Mentor Type are required fields and are denoted with an asterisk *. Selecting a mentor from the list auto-populates these fields and assigns a default Mentor Type based upon the type assigned at the time the user was created in the system.

Click Save Mentor or Cancel.

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