Auto-Finalization Course

This article outlines what it means to have a course that auto-finalizes.

IMPORTANT: Courses taught by Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher Facilitators are designed to have auto-finalization.

In an auto-finalized course, the course will finalize on its own once you have met the following criteria within the course:

  • 100% gradable completion
  • No retries available
  • All assessments are graded
  • 60% or higher overall grade

The determination for 100% gradable completion is when a student submits all the required Assess Its for a course. Students do not need to be 100% complete with all activities (overall completion).

NOTE: Lincoln Learning does not require check marks on all activities.

The below video explains the steps for completing your Course Finalization Assessment and discusses why it is important to do so. Click the Play button below to get started.


Run Time: 01:30

IMPORTANT: Auto-graded courses without an instructor will contain a Course Finalization Assessment that must be completed to trigger the course to be finalized.

WARNING: Auto-graded courses using client teachers may still see the Course Finalization Assessment; however, unless the teacher sets the auto-finalization criteria, the grade is not auto-finalized.

A course is finalized, so your course status is changed to Completed. When a course is not finalized, the status will remain as Active, Expired, or Inactive.


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