Bulk Importing Mentor Creation from Users

This article details how to bulk import newly created mentor users from the Users tab in Pulse.

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IMPORTANT: An email will be sent notifying you when these records are approved or rejected.

IMPORTANT: Each bulk import should only include new data.

Navigate to the Users tab.

Click Import. Then, select Mentors from the drop-down list.

The Bulk Import Mentors modal (pop-up window) displays. Click Download an example import file.

IMPORTANT: The mentor import file must be uploaded as an .xlsx file. All other files will create an upload error.

Open the Excel file and click Enable Editing.

Clear the existing data fields in the sample file and replace the data with your own information.

WARNING: All column headings in row 1 must remain in the file, even if you are not inputting data in all columns. Additionally, column titles with an asterisk * denote required information (i.e., First NameLast Name, Phone Number, Email, Type). Data must be entered in these five required columns.

NOTE: If Guardian is chosen, a Guardian Type may be chosen.

IMPORTANT: Selecting School Contact, Student Learning Advocate/Liaison, Aid, or Proctor will automatically give the mentor Client Mentor permissions. Selecting Guardian, Unknown, Aide, Proctor, Parent, or Relative will automatically give the user Mentor permissions. Click here for more information regarding client roles.

NOTE: If using a single sign-on configuration, type the identity provider in the corresponding cell. If not using single sign-on, type Pulse.

TIP: Expand your columns to verify which fields are required.

Optionally, enter data in the Username column.

IMPORTANT: If a username is not assigned in the spreadsheet, it will be automatically generated by the system upon user creation (i.e., firstname.lastname). Additionally, if a username already exists in the system, the number 1 will be appended to the assigned username (e.g., firstname.lastname1). If two or more users with the same username exist, the system will append the appropriate number to the end the assigned username.

Optionally, assign a Password to each mentor.

IMPORTANT: If a password is not assigned upon user creation, the system will send the mentor a temporary password in the user creation email sent to the provided address. The mentor will then have the option to change the password. If a password is assigned upon user creation, the user creation email will not contain a temporary password, and the password entered in the Username column of the upload file must be shared directly with the mentor.

Optionally, enter information in the remaining columns.

NOTE: Any fields left blank in the optional columns of the upload file will be autogenerated by the system upon user creation. If contact information is not provided, it will default to the client's contact details when the user is created in the system.


IMPORTANT: Remember to save and close the file before importing.

TIP: Add the date to the filename when saving to keep your details organized.

Return to the Bulk Import Mentors modal in Pulse. Begin to type your Client name. Then, select the appropriate client from the list.

Select file. Or, drag and drop the upload file from your desktop.

Select import to upload the file. Or, cancel to remove the import file.

The imported mentor users will populate in the data grid. If the user information is correct, the Is Valid box will have a check mark.

IMPORTANT: If an Is Valid box is unchecked, the data is incorrect and did not upload. Correct the data in the file and import again.

When ready, click Submit Mentors.

A confirmation message displays indicating the successful submission of imported mentors. Your bulk import is now ready for approval.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 24 hours for your bulk creation imports to be approved. An email will be sent notifying you when these records are approved or rejected.


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