Bulk Importing Student Enrollments Using Direct Upload

This article explains how to bulk import student enrollments using the Direct Upload option. This bulk import option is useful for enrolling multiple students into different classes with varying start and end dates.

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IMPORTANT: Before bulk importing student enrollments, best practice is to visit the Courses tab in Explorer to view the available classes into which students can be enrolled.

TIP: Use the data grid filters to narrow the class options if you are using your own teachers.

When you are ready, click the Export all data icon to export your file and minimize for later reference.

Navigate to the Enrollments tab.

Click Import. Then, select Student Enrollments from the drop-down menu.

The Import Enrollments modal (pop-up window) opens. Make sure Direct Upload is selected.

Click on Download an example import file to open sample Excel spreadsheet.

Once the file is open, enable editing and expand the fields.

IMPORTANT: Columns with an asterisk are required fields. These fields are Username, Class Id, Start Date, and End Date.

TIP: Reference your previously downloaded course list spreadsheet for Class ID. Reference the Users data grid for Username information.

Type the usernames of the students you wish to enroll in the Username* column, as well as the Class Id*, Start Date*, and End Date* in their respective columns.

TIP: To expedite this step, copy and past the students’ usernames from the Username column in the Users data grid.

IMPORTANT: Remember to name your Excel file and save it to an easily accessible location, as you may have more than one set of enrollments you wish to import. Consider naming it by date or grade.

Close the Excel file.

Select File. Or, drag and drop your file from your save location.

If your file uploads successfully, with all required columns included, you will receive a confirmation.

TIP: To remove the file before upload, or to replace the file, click the trashcan icon.

If your file contains errors, the errors will be identified, and a downloadable spreadsheet will be available to help with error correction. 

When ready, click Submit Import.

A confirmation banner displays, and the enrollments are then pushed for approval.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 24 hours for your bulk enrollment imports to be approved. An email will be sent notifying you when these records are approved or rejected.

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