Bulk Updating Student Enrollments from Enrollments

This article explains how to bulk update student enrollments from the Enrollments tab in Explorer.

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Navigate to Enrollments.

Using the data grid, to filter to the student enrollments you want to bulk edit. You can sort by class or by enrollee.

Use  the multi-select boxes to select the enrollments you want to bulk edit.

Once you have selected the enrollments you wish to change, click Bulk Update Enrollment(s) icon.

The Bulk Edit Enrollments modal (pop-up window) displays.

NOTE: Any field that can be changed displays in the modal

Click the pencil icon to edit a field. Click the X to clear a field. When you have edited all fields you wish to change, click Save.

TIP: Click Edit All Fields to open all fields for editing.

IMPORTANT: If you use the Edit All Fields tool, you must click the X for each individual field you wish you clear.

If you need to start over, click Reset All Fields to clear all fields at once.

TIP: If you are only changing one or two fields, it is more ideal to use the pencil icon than the Edit All Fields tool.

Once you have made and saved all desired changes, a pop-up confirmation modal displays with a message indicating the number of Student enrollments being changed. The field(s) you are changing display in the box beneath the message. Review the information. Then, click Yes to confirm the changes.

A confirmation banner displays at the top of the data grid. Your bulk changes are now ready for approval.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 24 hours for your bulk changes to be approved.


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