Continuous vs Ranged Course in Buzz

This resource explains the difference between a Continuous course and a Ranged course.

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Continuous Courses

IMPORTANT: The default setup for Lincoln Learning courses is continuous

A Continuous course setup is ideal for rolling enrollments. In a Continuous course, the teacher does not have the option to adjust or set due dates.

You can see this by clicking on the Editor of a course.

When you click the Scheduling tab, you do not have the option to adjust or set due dates.

When you go to the course gradebook, clicking on the student’s name will allow you to see each student’s individualized projected soft due dates. These due dates are calculated by the system based on the student's start and end date and the number of activities within the course.

IMPORTANT: In Continuous courses, only Assess Its will have due dates. This is not something that can be changed in a Continuous course.

Ranged (Traditional) Courses

Ranged courses, also referred to as Traditional courses, require a start and an end date, and the teacher will set each due date manually.

A calendar appears when you click the Scheduling tab in a Ranged course. Here, you can click through the assignments and set due dates. Due dates can be provided for both graded and non-graded assignments. If a teacher does not set a due date, there will be no due date.

NOTE: These due dates will be applied to the entire class unless you create a group for a specific student. View the Creating Groups in Buzz and Assigning Work by Groups in Buzz for information on how to do so.

IMPORTANT: In a Ranged course, updates to blackout dates will not automatically adjust scheduled due dates. The teacher will need to make all changes manually.

For more information regarding how to change your course from Continuous to Ranged/Traditional, please view the Changing a Class Type from Continuous to Ranged/Traditional in Buzz Help Center resource.


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