Correcting an Inaccurate Finalized Score in Buzz

This article identifies the required steps for correcting an inaccurate finalized score after a student has been completed within a course.

IMPORTANT:  It is important when determining an inaccurate score discrepancy to take your time to look at each detail to determine why a score might be inaccurate. The steps within this resource serve as a high-level set of steps teachers can use to resubmit a student's score so it syncs appropriately. 

The identified enrollment must be made Active. 

TIP: If using Lincoln Learning Solutions' Pulse system, please make the adjustments there. 

Next, locate the student within the course Gradebook in Buzz. 

TIP: It is useful for the Status, Start and End Enrollment filters to be turned on in the Buzz Gradebook. 

Click the individual student's Grade details and review the scores in the course.  

Excused scores will show as blank spaces (not an X). Zeroed scores will show as zero.  

IMPORTANT: It is important to click on a zero score to determine if it was an earned score or a zeroed scored when finalization steps were taken. 

  • SUBMISSION HISTORY is blank when the score is zeroed upon finalization. 
  • SCORE/ACTIVITY HISTORY should show Completed, with a below-passing score by the teacher. No submission will be recorded. 
Once you determine if the student's remaining assessments have been zeroed out or excused previously, navigate to the Final grades pop-up. (This can be done by going to the Gradebook, selecting Tools, and clicking Go to final grades.)

Next, look at the details. Verify the student was submitted.

VITAL STEPS: These actions must be taken to adjust the score. 

  • Ensure the right toggle (Zero all unscored activities OR Excuse all unscored activities) is selected.
  • Click Refresh.
  • Relocate the student, check the box, and click SUBMIT SELECTED

IMPORTANT:  If there is a Revert to calculated score icon, select this option and follow the above VITAL STEPS (i.e., Ensure right toggle is selected, refresh, resubmit).


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