Course Finalization

This article outlines processes and tips for course finalization.

IMPORTANT: The Assignments to be Graded column in the Enrollment Report may reflect assessments that have been excused in addition to those that need to be graded.

Why do students’ final grades need to be submitted?

In order for you to see a Completed status for students in our student management system, Pulse, students’ final grades will need to be submitted in our learning management system, Buzz, first.

If your district is using Lincoln Learning Solutions instructional services, students’ grades are automatically finalized in Buzz when a student meets certain criteria within the course:

  • 100% gradable completion
  • No retries available
  • All assessments are graded
  • 60% or higher overall grade

The determination for 100% gradable completion is when a student submits all the required Assess Its for a course. Students do not need to be 100% complete with all activities (overall completion). Lincoln Learning does not require check marks on all activities.

If students’ grades are not automatically finalized in Buzz, how can I tell when my students are completed with a course?

There are still instances when districts need grades to be finalized even if a student does not meet all the criteria for automatic final grade submission in Buzz (i.e., 100% gradable completion, no retries available, all assessments are graded, 60% or higher overall grade). When utilizing Lincoln Learning Solutions instructional services, you are also able to request final grade submissions.

Please view this video to identify in Buzz when students are completed with a course and final grades can be requested:

Verifying Student is Ready for Finalization

Where can I find the end date for courses and what does an end date mean?

You can find the end date for your students’ courses by looking at the enrollment end dates in Pulse. The end date is the last day that a student has access to the course. Students have until 11:59pm on the end date to submit assessments.

Please keep in mind that any assessments submitted up to the students’ end dates will still need to be graded. We ask that if you have a deadline for final grades, the students’ end dates should precede the deadline by at least a week to allow time for assessments to be graded and the final grades to be requested and submitted.

How can I prepare my students for the end of the semester?

If your students are enrolled in semester courses, we recommend students’ first semester courses be finalized prior to students being enrolled in the second semester of the course.

Encourage your students and families to stay on track with the pacing of their course. The To-Do List is a projection of soft due dates associated only to graded activities (Assess Its). To stay on pace, students should strive to submit work on, or near, these due dates. (However, students using LLS instructional services will not be penalized for submissions after due dates.) It is important that students complete Assess Its after completing lesson activities leading up to the Assess It.

Once students’ grades are finalized, they will still see the courses on their Buzz dashboards for two weeks. Students will not have access to submit assessments though. After two weeks, the courses will no longer be available on students’ dashboards.

If students would like access to courses they have completed, here are some tips to help them navigate to those courses:

Viewing Past Course Details

After the student is finalized, then you can enroll your student in the second semester of your course. Here are the directions for setting up enrollments for second semester:

Creating a Student Enrollment from the Student User Record

How to finalize a student when using your own teachers?

You can utilize these directions for finalizing students when using your own teachers:

Finalizing Grades Article

As a teacher, you will still have access to a student’s gradebook information two weeks after the student’s end date has passed or a student’s final grade has been submitted.

What if I use Lincoln Learning Solutions Teachers? How will the course get finalized?

When using a Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher, students are finalized automatically in Buzz if they meet the following criteria:

  • 100% gradable completion
  • No retries available
  • All assessments are graded
  • 60% or higher overall grade

Once a student’s grade is finalized in Buzz, you will be able to see the Completed grade in Pulse.

If students do not meet the criteria for having their grades automatically finalized, a representative from the district (mentor teachers) will need to request final grades for students.

How do I request a finalization if using a Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher?

Requests can be made for one student or multiple students. There are unique steps for finalizing courses when students are enrolled in courses with a Lincoln Learning Solutions teacher:

1. A representative from the district (mentor teacher) will need to verify that the student(s) have completed all the necessary course work according to your district’s expectations. This video will provide you with information to make that determination:

Verifying a Student is Ready for Finalization

2. Once you know the student(s) have completed the necessary course work, you can request final grades by submitting the following form:

Final Grades Request Form

Here is a video with the steps for submitting this form:

Final Grades Request Form: Video

TIP: When submitting a request for final grades for multiple students, you will need to pull the existing enrollment report from Pulse with the necessary information. This video will walk you through the process:

Pulling Enrollment Reports for Finalization

How and when can I enroll my students in Semester 2 of their courses?

You can enroll a student in the second semester of their course once they have completed semester 1 and the final grades have been submitted.

You can use these directions for steps on how to enroll for second semester courses:

Creating a Student Enrollment from the Student User Record

What if my students are enrolled in a full year course? Do I need to do anything?

If your students are enrolled in a full year course or a course with an end date of June, then you do not need to do anything now. Your students will have access to their course until the end of the school year.

How can I get my students’ grade reports?

You can easily get students’ grade reports by utilizing the resources below:

Accessing the Student Activity and Enrollment Reports: Video

Tips for Customizing the Enrollment Report in Pulse: Video

Reading Student Details in Reports


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