Course Finalization Resources

The purpose of this resource is to provide clients support links regarding course finalization.


Course Finalization: This article outlines processes and tips for course finalization. The questions below will be answered in the Course Finalization article along with useful links to additional articles.

  • Why do students’ final grades need to be submitted?
  • If students’ grades are not automatically finalized in Buzz, how can I tell when my students are completed with a course?
  • Where can I find the end date for courses and what does an end date mean?
  • How can I prepare my students for the end of the semester?
  • How to finalize a student when using your own teachers?
  • What if I use Lincoln Learning Solutions Teachers? How will the course get finalized?
  • How do I request a finalization if using a Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher?
  • How and when can I enroll my students in Semester 2 of their courses?
  • What if my students are enrolled in a full year course? Do I need to do anything?
  • How can I get my students’ grade reports?

NOTE: Some details in this resource may highlight our Pulse system and the Lincoln Learning Solutions teaching staff. Similar details can be found in most student information systems or may be similar to your teachers.


Finalizing Grades: This article explains how to finalize grades for one student or multiple students at a time.

Options for Enrollment Completion: This article highlights the available enrollment completion setting options in Buzz.

Correcting an Inaccurate Finalized Score: This article identifies the required steps for correcting an inaccurate finalized score after a student has been completed within a course.

Adjusting Your Syllabus using the Buzz Digital Library:  This article is designed to help you add content to your course from another course or from a course to which you are subscribed. This also highlights suggestions for Adjusting Semester 1 and 2.

IMPORTANT: If Semester 1 ends in a mid-topic (meaning Semester 2 starts with the same Lesson folder name of the last Lesson of Semester 1), you will find the first part of the topic hidden under Course Resources. These details can be dragged out of the Course Resources and made visible if applicable.

WARNING: The video focused on Adjusting Semester 1 and 2 highlights a general course. If you are using Auto-graded courses, please keep in mind the 5 lesson Checkpoints. It may be ideal to determine the ending of Semester 1 based on those details.


Viewing Past Course Details: This article provides tips for navigating to and viewing past course details and content.

Auto-Finalization Course: This article outlines what it means to have a course that auto-finalizes.


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