Creating a Student User in Pulse

This resource explains how to create a student user in Pulse.

This video from the Desk of PD explores how to create a student, one student at a time, in Pulse.

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Navigate to Users.

Click Create User. Then, select Student from the drop-down menu.

The Create a Student User form displays. There are three primary sections on the form: Personal InformationClient Information, and Contact Information.

NOTE: Some of the fields in these sections require manual input of information and others auto-populate.

NOTE: For clients with a single sign-on configuration, the additional Identity Provider field will be present on the user record.

NOTE: The Password field will not appear on the form until the Client is selected.

IMPORTANT: The asterisk * next to a field denotes required information.

Complete all required fields, adding optional information as appropriate.

NOTE: If you choose to assign a password, this becomes the student’s system password. As no communication is automatically sent to the student when the password is created, a separate communication sharing this information must be created and sent.

When you have filled in all relevant fields, click Save, Save & New, or Save & Close. Or, to clear the form and start over, click Clear.

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