Customizing Student Reports in Pulse

This resource provides information about, and customization options for, the Enrollment Report and the Student Activity Report in Pulse.

The below Pulse video demonstrates how to access the Student Activity Report and Enrollment Report. Click the Play button below to get started.


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This second video provides tips for customizing the Enrollment Report using the Column Chooser and Exporting tools. Click the Play button below to get started.


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The Enrollment Report provides student enrollment information in one consolidated, easily navigable data grid. In the same way Academic Snapshot provides enrollment data for one specific student, the Enrollment Report displays data for multiple students within one comprehensive dashboard.

TIP: If you prefer a more at-a-glance view of enrollment data, narrowing your focus is easy to do via the report’s available filtering, searching, and sorting options.

Filter or search by Class Name to display data related to a specific class.

Filter or search by Student Username or Student Full Name to display data for only select students in the grid.

Use the Column Chooser to select specific columns to view, filter, and sort.

Use the Export feature to export selected data into a printable format for a customized report unique to your needs.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see all selected data included on your exported spreadsheet, this may be because you have additional lines in the data grid still selected from a previous session. Ensure you Clear All Filters and Restore Default Table Settings before you re-select your data and retry the export.


The Student Activity Report extracts data from the Learning Management System (LMS) to provide information about student activity in the system, specifically minutes spent in a class by date.

The report offers many of the same filtering and sorting options available on the Enrollment Report. These tools allow you to customize the data output related to student activity in the system. This customization helps you to quickly gauge student progress and provide appropriate intervention, as well as aids with targeted collaboration with parents, guardians, mentors, administrators, and other stakeholders invested in student performance and progress.

TIP: Use the hyperlinks for quick navigation to the student, class, school, and mentor records.

TIP: Use the Clear All Filters tool to reset the grid and restore all data.

Use the Export feature to export selected data into a printable format for a customized report unique to your needs.

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