Finalizing Grades in Buzz

This article explains how to finalize grades for one student or multiple students at a time.

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NOTE: When navigating to Final Grades, the radio button options are now Zero unscored activities and Ignore unscored activities.

IMPORTANT: The Assignments to be Graded column in the Pulse Enrollment Report may reflect assessments that have been excused in addition to those that need to be graded.


Finalizing your students’ grades is the step you take to acknowledge that they have completed all course requirements. If this step is not completed prior to their enrollment expiration dates, their status will change to expired, and no grade will be reported for the students before they are shown as inactive.

IMPORTANT: As a teacher, you will still have access to a student’s gradebook information two weeks after the student’s end date has passed or a student’s final grade has been submitted.


From the Home Page, click the Gradebook icon for the course in which you want to finalize student grades.

TIP: You can also navigate to the Gradebook by using the Main Menu, selecting the course, and then selecting the Gradebook for the course.

IMPORTANT: Before you finalize a student, make sure all submissions are graded and there are no outstanding items.

Once you are in a course’s Gradebook, click the Tools icon.

Then, click Go to final grades.

The Go to final grades screen will show you the Name of each student in the course and their Calculated score. The Grade to submit column shows you each student’s current grade.


To edit visible columns, use the Options icon.

In the Visible columns tile, you can customize the student information that is visible in each column. Select SAVE after making your selections.


When you are ready to finalize a student’s grade, you must decide whether unscored activities should be marked as zero or excused. Make your selection by clicking the radio button (circle) beside Zero unscored activities or Ignore unscored activities.

As its name suggests, the Ignore Unscored Activities option excuses any unscored items from the student’s final grade. The student’s total scores will not change.

Zero Unscored Activities inserts a zero for any graded item a student did not complete. Selecting Zero Unscored Activities will change the student’s scores.

IMPORTANT:  Before selecting students, make sure you refresh your page. This is especially important if you change the radio button from the initially selected option.

Next, click the checkmark to the left of a student’s name to submit a final grade for that student. You can select more than one student at a time.


You can change the grade you are submitting by clicking in the square with the letter grade in the Grade to submit column.

Clicking in the letter grade square will open a drop-down menu wherein you may select the desired letter grade for the student.

To revert to the original calculated score, click the arrows.


Once you have selected your preferred options, you can select SUBMIT SELECTED to submit the score(s) for the student(s) whose names you have selected.

When you click the SUBMIT SELECTED box, a popup message will appear asking you to confirm the finalization for the student(s) you selected. Click OK to finalize the grade(s).

Checkmarks will appear beside the name and letter grade for all students whose grade has been finalized.

TIP:  Check out the Finalizing Grades video tutorial for more information on this topic.


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