Getting to Know Buzz

This article introduces Buzz, a learning management system (LMS).

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Course Cards

When you log into Buzz, you will be directed to the homepage with your course cards which summarize your status in a course. Your current score shows below the name of the course, and the progress bar shows how much work you've completed.

Clicking the Grades icon will show you your grades, and clicking the Activities icon will take you to the list of activities for the course.


The Menu navicon on the top left-side can take you to your courses, grades, notes, communication, calendar, and more.

  • Home takes you to the homepage with your course cards.
  • Grades is where you can see your overall grades and monitor your progress.
  • Notes allows you to collect and combine notes you've created in activities.
  • Communication shows you any announcements your teacher has posted.
  • Calendar takes you to a page that highlights your scheduled activities.
  • Avatar Creator allows you to create your very own one-o-a-kind avatar.

You're now ready to navigate the Buzz learning management system!


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