How to Complete an Activity in Buzz

The purpose of this resource is to provide an overview of how to complete an activity in Buzz.

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What is Completion?

Completion of an activity or an assessment is indicated by a check mark.  This check mark can be found within the circle around the activity icon.

This check mark can also be seen in the activity list of the course.

TIP: If all items in a folder have a completion check mark, the folder will also be marked with a completion check mark.

How to Complete an Activity

For some courses, completion of an activity is based on a set time. If this is the case, you will see a timer icon in the upper right hand corner.

Once you have spent the required time in the course, a green check mark will appear where the timer previously was.

For other courses, an activity might be completed when the student selects the MARK THIS ACTIVITY COMPLETE button located in the bottom left corner of the activity.

IMPORTANT: If students do not see the MARK THIS ACTIVITY COMPLETE button, this is an indication the activity completion is for a set time. Teachers can adjust these preferences as they see fit for their learning environment.

IMPORTANT: When you submit an assessment, the check mark icon will appear. Teachers can adjust this action. Typically, this populates upon submission, even if a teacher still needs to provide feedback and scoring to your assessment. For more information on submitting assessments, review the Buzz Assessment Tips article.

Working Through Course Activities

Below is key information that will make your courses easier to navigate.

  • The Course Card holds information about your course, and the Grades icon is where you can see more about your course grades.
  • The TO-DO LIST tab will help you keep track of assessments that are due soon.
  • The ACTIVITIES tab contains all of the activities in the course organized into topic folders that contain lesson folders.
  • Icons that have a check mark are ones you've already completed.

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