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The Lincoln Learning Student Experience

This article introduces students to the Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) content in their respective learning management system (LMS).

Students can access their Lincoln curriculum in the following three LMS:

  1. Buzz
  2. Canvas
  3. Learning Tree

Each LMS is unique and how you interact with your content may be different depending on which LMS you are using.

If you do not see your LMS listed, visit your LMS help center for assistance.


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View the How do I use the Main Menu? resource to learn more about your Main Menu and Course Menus in Buzz.


The Buzz Home page makes it easy to see all the details of your LLS courses. Use the Buzz Home page to monitor your progress and stay on track. Review How do I use the Home page? for more information.

TIP: To-do List identifies which Lincoln Learning tasks are due that day, activities with upcoming due dates, and past-due activities. Dates shown in the To-do List are soft due dates.

Additional Buzz Resources

How do I get help for Buzz?

How do I reorder my Course Cards?

How do I use my Buzz Calendar?

How do I use the Communication tool? [Student]

How do I view my progress (Grades screen)?

Student tool breakdown

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If you're brand new to the Canvas learning management system, review Getting Started with Canvas as a Student [Videos] to familiarize yourself with different features of the LMS.

IMPORTANT: Each Canvas account is customized to the school's specifications. Your Canvas instance may appear different and have options other than what is depicted in these videos. Your courses within the LMS may also differ from one another. Reach out to your teacher(s) with any additional questions.

Additional Canvas Resources


Global Navigation

Profile and User Settings

Student Getting Started Resources

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Learning Tree

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Learning Tab

Once in the Learning tab, you will be able to view and complete content within the course syllabus.

TIP: It is recommended you view the content one unit at a time by clicking on your current unit number at the top of the tab. Clicking All is discouraged because it will open all units and lessons which can overwhelm the platform, causing it to run slowly.

NOTE: Unit 0 contains the Course Resources. Course Resources include the Pacing Guide, Parent and Teacher Guide, Materials List, and more.

Additional Learning Tree Resources

Accessing Your Courses

Checking Your Progress

Course Information & Tools

Student Tool Bar

Your Home Screen: Assigned Work

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Please note the images found in this resource may not match your screen. Access and/or features may vary based on client contract.

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