Locating the Pacing Guide in Learning Tree

This article illustrates how to find the Lincoln Learning Solutions' (LLS) course pacing guide within a Learning Tree community.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the Buzz learning management system, view Locating the Pacing Guide in Buzz.

From your Learning Tree Communities Homepage, select a community.

Select the Learning tab.

In the Learning area, the course content will populate. Under Course Resources, select Pacing Guide.

 TIP: You may need to click Course Resources to view all content. 

The course pacing guide will load.

TIP: It may take a moment for the pacing guide to appear as it is pulling a dynamic document. Please be patient!

Once populated, click the Excel Download or PDF Download option to download a copy you can print as needed.

TIP: Choosing Excel Download will download an Excel version you can use to add notes.

NOTE: In order to harness the power of your pacing guide as a teacher, view Knowing Your Course Pacing Guide.

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