Managing User Email Addresses in Pulse

This article explains how to manage user email addresses in Pulse.


IMPORTANT: This capability depends on the user's permissions to view and edit a specific user type.

Navigate to Users.

Search for the user whose email address(es) you wish to manage.

Click the Full Name hyperlink to open the user record.

The user’s Information record displays.

Scroll down to Contact Information (underneath Personal Information). Then, locate the Email Addresses field.

To add an email address, click the +. 

NOTE: The email address entered first on the user record is marked Primary. To change the primary email address associated with the user, click the checkbox next to the appropriate address.

To delete an email address, click the trashcan icon.

To change the Type, click the field to the right of the email address. Then, choose the appropriate type from the drop-down menu. 

NOTE: Clicking the Type column title activates the sorting tool. Click the arrow to sort in ascending order (A to Z) or descending order (Z to A).


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