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This resource gives an overview of Pointful Education, as well as some common questions and answers, for students taking career and technical education courses through Lincoln Learning Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Module 0 and Do I Need to Complete It?

Make sure to click on Module 0 to get a helpful introduction to your Pointful Education course. This should be reviewed before you jump into your subject-area content. Module 0 covers topics such as an introduction to the subject, information on how to navigate your course, course objectives, how to cite sources and avoid plagiarism, a course syllabus, and even a syllabus quiz. You’ll also earn participation points for completing Module 0.

Where Can I Find My Teacher's Contact Information?

Lincoln Learning Solutions' Teacher Facilitators: Your teacher’s contact information can be found on the Landing Page of the course (directly above the course activities) as well as in their Homeroom.

If you are not using a Lincoln Learning Solutions' Teacher Facilitator, please contact your school for additional details. 

Help! I can't see the entire video because the player is cut off at the bottom. What should I do?

Unfortunately, the media player cannot be adjusted to see the video, in its entirety, directly within the content. However, you can adjust the video to full screen without leaving your course content. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the video and click the expand icon.

To return to your course content after viewing the video, click the minimize icon.

Can My Assignment Be Reset?

You can retake any quiz as many times as you like! You do not need to ask your teacher to reset a quiz. Simply click TRY AGAIN at the bottom of the quiz to take it again. Keep in mind, each time you re-take the quiz, your previous score will be removed and replaced with your newly earned score.

NOTE: The Final Exam is not able to be retaken, so please make sure you are prepared to take the Final Exam and put in your best effort.

What Are Participation Points, and How Do I Earn Them?

You earn participation points by completing every lesson (meaning you click on and review the content of each lesson) and completing each interactivity within the lessons, such as videos, links, drag-and-drops, etc. If you make sure you do not skip pieces of content, you’ll be sure to earn all available participation points. Module 0, Lessons, and Concept Checks will all earn you participation points after completion.

How Do I Take the Certification Exam for a Subject?

If you are taking your Pointful Education course as preparation to take a certification exam in the subject area, please contact your school district to find out how you can register to take the certification exam. The exam will not be provided as part of this course, but the content will help prepare you to take it.

What Do I Need to Know for the Final Exam?

The final exam will test you on everything you’ve learned in the course, including all of the modules and lessons. It is found at the end of your course content. Make sure you are prepared before you sit down to take the final exam!

The final exam cannot be re-taken, and you are not able to save your answers and return to the test later. If you close the exam before submitting, you will lose your answers.

NOTE: The final exam is given in two parts - Part 1 and Part 2. Both parts will make up your grade in your grades and reporting tool.

What If I Am Unsure of What to Do for an Assessment?

If you are unsure of what is required for one of your course assessments, reach out to your Lincoln Learning Solutions' Teacher Facilitator with your questions. You can find your teacher’s email address on the Course Landing Page.

What If I Need a Program/Software for This Course?

If your course requires you to use a program you do not currently have access to (Adobe, PowerPoint, etc.), please reach out to your school district contact.

Why Did I Get an Answer Wrong on a Quiz?

If you get an answer marked incorrect on a quiz and you are unsure, there are a couple of steps  you can take. First, remember you can retake a quiz as many times as you'd like, so review the question and select a different answer. You can also go back and review the lessons in that module to help you be prepared to retake the quiz. If you’ve reviewed the content, retaken the quiz, and were unable to select the right answer, you may reach out to your teacher with any additional questions.

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