Professional Development Offerings

This resource identifies all Lincoln Learning Solutions’ Professional Development (PD) offerings, descriptions, and delivery details.

Implementation Sessions

Implementation sessions include two to four, one-hour sessions with our PD Team. The sessions will depend on setup and staff needs. These sessions will be discussed, adjusted, and scheduled during your Client Implementation call.

Topics of implementation sessions include:

  • Enrollment process
  • Curriculum overview
  • Student experience 
  • High-level reporting capabilities
  • Student monitoring
  • Instructional Services tips 
  • Grading tips
  • Finding an activity in the Editor 
  • Gradebook basics 

Pre-Professional Development Consultation

A 30-minute planning session, also known as a Pre-PD Call, with a client may be scheduled by Client Success and the PD team as needed. This discussion is ideal for post-implementation planning for larger PD sessions or additional PD engagements. The information gathered during this consultation is used to customize the PD experience.

NOTE: PD is also discussed during Implementation calls with the client, but a separate session may be scheduled.

Professional Development Sessions

The Lincoln Learning Professional Development Team offers many different PD options.


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Professional Development Cost Options

Single Session Webinar

One session of your choosing, up to 90-minutes long.

General Cost: $250

Three-Part Series Webinar

Any three sessions of your choosing can be bundled as a three-part series.

General Cost: $650

Ten-Part Series Webinar

Any ten sessions of your choosing can be bundled as a ten-part series.

General Cost: $2,250

Onsite Workshop

Workshops are designed in collaboration with each client. The topics are mapped out and can be pulled from smaller sessions or series designs. Each workshop is hands-on to allow for an exploratory experience.

IMPORTANT: Attendance for onsite workshops may be limited due to social distancing guidelines or state-mandated limitations on indoor gatherings.

Half-Day Workshop

Three-hour hands-on workshop

General Cost: $2,500 + travel

Full-Day Workshop

Six-hour hands-on workshop broken down into two, three-hour sessions.

General Cost: $5,000 + travel

Two-day Workshop

Twelve-hour hands-on workshop broken down into four, three-hour sessions.

General Cost: $7500 + travel

PD Session Calendar


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