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Progress Monitoring in Your LMS

This resource will inform teachers how to use their learning management system to monitor their students' progress in a variety of ways with Lincoln Learning Solutions.

Having the ability to run reports, view levels of mastery, and monitor students' course progress is essential for teachers to guarantee greater achievement and success for students using the Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) curriculum.

Each learning management system (LMS) will have unique tools and features to assist in ensuring teachers can support their students in progressing through their course content.

If you do not see your LMS listed, visit your LMS help center for assistance.


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Grades Tab

Upon opening the Gradebook, the GRADES tab automatically opens. This tab allows you to see all your students, their LLS assessments, and their current grades. You can also see assessments that have been submitted but need to be graded. These could be LLS online assessments which need an essay graded or an LLS upload assessment needing attention. This tab also shows whether a student was allowed a retry or if you left comments on a student’s assessment.

Individual Student Gradebook

Reviewing How do I use the Student Grades screen? will give you more insight on how to effectively view and use the Student Gradebook.


The How do I use the Activity Grader? resource provides an overview of the Activity Grader and the Analytics tab found within it. How do I review and export activity Analytics for my course? provides more detailed information regarding information found in the Analytics tab.

WARNING: If you are using Lincoln Learning Solutions Teaching Services, these reports may not be available.

NOTE: Not all analytics are available for Upload Assessments. 

Gradebook Toolbar

Review the How do I enter grades? resource to learn about the Buzz Gradebook Toolbar and how each toolbar icon functions. How do I use the Performance/Gradebook tool? also gives an in-depth view of how to manage Display Options.

TIP: When you see the Show printer-friendly version icon in the toolbar, you can save and print a copy of the gradebook view.

Additional Gradebook Tabs

How do I use the Performance/Gradebook tool? provides an overview of the three remaining tabs in the Gradebook.

  3. FOR ME

TIP: Featuring the UNIT SUMMARY tab, the below video highlights ideas for viewing additional details on what a student has or possibly has not done with a course.

Run Time: 05:05

Additional Buzz Resources

How do I review my students' progress on mastering objectives?


As a teacher, you can run customized class and student reports for gradebook, performance, and mastery-level analytics.

WARNING: If you are using Lincoln Learning Solutions Teaching Services, these reports may not be available.

Three types of reports can be generated and customized:

  1. Gradebook
  2. Student
  3. Mastery


Review How do I run Gradebook Reports? for information and steps to successfully generate a Gradebook Report.

Additional Buzz Resources

Gradebook Reports: Glossary


How do I run Student Reports? is a resource that contains information and steps to generate Student Reports.

Additional Buzz Resources

Student Reports: Glossary


Follow the steps and information in How do I run Mastery Reports? for tips on how to create Mastery Reports.

Additional Buzz Resources

Mastery Reports: Glossary

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The types of progress monitoring you can do in Canvas are dependent on your account setup.

TIP: Contact your Canvas admin with any questions you may have regarding your account setup and settings.

Whether your account has Analytics or New Analytics will inform your decisions on what types of course and student progress analytic reports you can generate.


With Analytics, you can view both course and student analytics within a course. Review How do I view Course Analytics? and How do I view analytics for a student in a course? for more information to see numerical and graphical information regarding progress within your course.

New Analytics

With New Analytics, not only will you be able to see course and student progress, but you will also be able to compare information, send messages, check attendance, and more.

Follow the steps in How do I view analytics for an individual student in New Analytics? for graphical and numerical information regarding a single student's progress in your course. 

Additional Canvas Resources

New Analytics

Additional Progress Monitoring Options

In Canvas, course and student progress monitoring can be done in a variety of places. Reference the Grades and Outcomes categories in Canvas Guides to see additional resources.

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Learning Tree

Progress monitoring in Learning Tree can be done in the Progress Tab.

View the video below to learn more about how you can maximize the use of your Progress Tab.

Click the Play button below to get started.

Run Time: 09:00

Additional Learning Tree Resources

Progress Tab

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