Pulse Glossary of Terms

This article provides a glossary of terms for the Pulse SMS application.




derivative copy (i.e., section) of a course into which teachers and students are enrolled


business partner within a client district and/or school that utilizes Lincoln Learning Solutions proprietary systems, products, and resources


derivative copy of a Master Course; can serve as a client master


software tool used to aid navigation and information management; provides an organized place to access and display data from multiple sources



planning (ERP)

integrated management of common business processes (e.g., HR, finance, sales) via software; tools within an ERP share a common process and data model


tab in Pulse in which users, aided by search and filter engines, can navigate to locate users, courses, and enrollments



learning management system (LMS) setting available on a master course, course, and class that links each item within the course to the next item in sequence, requiring the student to access components, items, and learning objects contained within the course in order


adult responsible for the care and keeping of a student and who serves as the student’s primary contact; types include parents and stepparents, foster parents, and legal guardians (as assigned and recognized by a court of law)



course that encompasses Lincoln Learning Solutions’ design and/or curriculum from which all other courses are derived and to which no client changes can occur


adult associated to a student who is tasked with providing support, guidance, and advisement; within Lincoln Learning Solutions, includes: school administrator, student learning advocate, student liaison, guidance counselor, teacher, and guardian


the function within Pulse assumed by the user; within Lincoln Learning Systems, includes: Mentor, Teacher, Administrator, Client Support Specialist, Client Teacher, Client Administrator

sign in

credentials (i.e., username and password) entered by user to gain access to Pulse

single sign on (SSO)

the vehicle through which a user can access a network of applications and systems via a singular set of credentials (i.e., username and password)

user type

class of user within an application or system; within Lincoln Learning Solutions, includes administrators, students, teachers, and mentors


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