Pulse Icon Glossary

This article provides a glossary of icons featured in the Pulse SMS application.


add a data item within a record (e.g., email, phone number)

bulk update

bulk update User, Course, or Enrollment details

change password

change a system password

clear all filters/filter column

clear all filters that are applied in the Explorer table; filter items within a column

column chooser

select columns to display and hide on the Explorer table


soft delete a user, course or enrollment from the Explorer table


discard changes when “inline” editing (any line being edited) is done within a table


download a document or file


populate a drop-down menu or list of options


edit or update a file or record


export all selected data from a data grid in Excel format


expand the screen to allow for a full view


impersonate a user


Notification Center; when an action is completed in the system, a notification displays

restore default table settings

restore the data grid to its default settings

sort column

sort a column within a data grid in ascending or descending order


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