Requesting Blackout Dates in Buzz

This article details how clients request to have blackout dates added to their calendars in Buzz.

What is a Blackout Date?

A Blackout Date is a weekday that is not counted as a school day. For example, Labor Day is a blackout date. No assignments are due on a blackout date.

Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) automatically applies standard blackout dates which include major holidays and weekends.

WARNING: If using LLS teachers, no blackout dates will be applied outside of these dates.

Client Blackout Dates

IMPORTANT: LLS blackout dates are the default for all client-taught classes unless changes are requested.

Making a Blackout Dates Request

If using Client Teachers, applying blackout dates can be requested during these time periods:

1.    Beginning of school year (Implementation)
  • Provide blackout dates by Client Admins
  • Provide blackout dates upon Client Success Specialist (CSS) request

TIP: Ideally, blackout dates should be applied after domain setup and prior to student enrollment.

2.    During school year (Post-Implementation)
  • Place blackout dates request through CSS via:
    • Calendar PDF
    • Excel spreadsheet provided by CSS
    • Email

IMPORTANT: Please allow 48 hours for your requested blackout dates to be visible in your Buzz calendar.

TIP: Applying blackout dates post-implementation may impact student pacing and projected due dates. Teachers should consider creating an announcement to inform students of any calendar changes.


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