Requesting Full Forced Progression

This article details how a client requests full forced progression to be added to a class.

What is Full Forced Progression?

Full forced progression is a setting that can be applied to your teacher-taught classes. It requires students to complete each activity in order. Students will not be able to move on to the next activity until they have completed the requirements of the current activity and earned the green completion checkmark.

IMPORTANT: Full forced progression cannot be implemented if using Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) teacher services, and clients must have their own domain to request full forced progression.

When to Request Full Forced Progression

Ideally, clients should request full forced progression:

  • During client setup (implementation).
  • Prior to course/class setup.

Full forced progression can be enabled later upon request.

WARNING: Full forced progression should NOT be implemented after students have started the course. Doing so will impact students who have already completed course activities. For example, if a student skips an activity early in the course, they will be forced to return and complete the activity before continuing.

Ways to Request Full Forced Progression

Clients can request full forced progression:

  • By making a verbal request during client setup (implementation).
  • By emailing your Client Success Specialist.

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