Scheduling Due Dates in Learning Tree

This article describes how teachers can schedule items thereby placing a hard due date on them in Learning Tree.

WARNING: In Learning Tree, there are either no due dates or hard due dates. A scheduled item has a hard due date. Once the date and time passes on the scheduled item, the item becomes locked to any student who has not accessed or completed it. If this should happen, students must contact their teachers for further assistance. Click here to for steps on extending or editing the due date. Click here for steps on removing the due date.

Scheduling an Activity

IMPORTANT: When scheduling an activity, the End Date is the only requirement. If you do not enter a Start Date, the activity will remain open and accessible to the student any time prior to the End Date.

In the Learning tab of a community, identify the activity you want to schedule and select the Schedule icon.

From the pop-up menu, select Schedule.

Select a Start Date and time at which the activity will open and be available for student access by first selecting the month.

NOTE: You can skip start date creation and simple select an end date and time.

Next, select the day of the month.

Then, select the hour of the day.

IMPORTANT: When scheduling activities, be aware Learning Tree utilizes military time.

Next, select the minutes of the hour.

 Finally, select the seconds

Repeat these steps to set the End Date or the date and time at which the activity becomes locked, thus denying access to students who have not finished the activity.

Click Save when finished.

You will now see the start date and end date on the scheduled activity.

NOTE: You should now also see your scheduled activity in the Schedule of both your communities land page and community landing page.

Editing Dates on a Scheduled Activity

To edit a scheduled date, find the scheduled activity in the Learning tab and select the Schedule icon.

From the pop-up menu, select Schedule.

Adjust the Start Date, End Date, and/or times as needed. Click Save when finished.

Removing a Due Date from a Scheduled Activity

If you decide you no longer want to have an item scheduled remove the due date by first finding the scheduled activity in the Learning tab and selecting the Schedule icon.

From the pop-up menu, select Schedule.

 Click Clear to remove the Start Date and End Date, and then click Save when finished. 

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