Searching the Help Center

This article provides an overview of the two primary search tools available in the Lincoln Learning Solutions Help Center.

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When you access the Help Center from the Support Page, you can dive into the categorized content by selecting an appropriate landing page tile. Each tile contains a brief description of the resources that can be found.


The Help Center relies on a rich pool of keywords to help you locate the specific information you need. Simply type a word or phrase into the search bar, then choose an article from the list. It’s that easy!

When you first start to type, you will see the top five best results. Once you hit Enter, you will be able to view all articles that contain your search terms within the title, context, or keywords of the article.

To view an article from the list, click its name.


One unique feature of the Help Center is the chatbot. To activate the chatbot, simply click the circle with the overlapping speech bubbles located in the bottom right of the Help Center.

If you do not click on the chat bubble, after a little bit of time, the system will prompt you to ask a question. 

Once you open the chat, you can begin by searching our articles. You can ask a question or type in a word to return a few quick articles. The Help Center chatbot will provide a list of articles related to the keywords used in the search. 

Click on a featured article to open those details in another window.

To initiate a chat session, click the pencil icon to open the chat window.

Write a message and click the paper airplane icon to send it to a Lincoln Learning staff member who is waiting to support you.

You have the option to type in your email address if you do not have time to continue your conversation. Our support team will reach out to you via email to follow up.

If you do not opt for an email reply, your chat will be with one of our support team members.

IMPORTANT: Our live support is available on our website Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST.

Creating a New Chat

In addition to the option to create a new chat after a resource is successfully located, you can click the back arrow on the top of any conversation to view all chats you have created thus far.

To create a new chat, click the box with the pencil icon.

TIP: To remove all previous chats, you must clear your browser history.

Closing the Chatbot

To close the chatbot at any time, click the X within the bubble.


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