Searching the Digital Library by Standard Code in Buzz

This article details how to search the Digital Library by using the Standard Code attached to a learning object.


Each Empowered learning object is tied to a specific learning standard. Buzz identifies the learning standard using the terms Objectives and Description. There are two ways you can find the learning standard that is attached to the specific learning object: via the Activities View and via the Editor.

Activities View

When you are in a specific object, you can click on the OBJECTIVES button in the Jump to: section. This populates the learning standard.

 Clicking OBJECTIVES takes you to the Objectives section at the bottom of the activity.


When you click on a learning object in the Editor view, you will see the learning object standard code listed under the learning object name and in the Properties panel on the right-hand side.


The Lincoln Learning Solutions – Learning Object Repository can be accessed through the Editor or Clipboard in Buzz.


Click the plus sign of the folder in which you would like to add the learning objects you find in the Digital Library.

Select Library from the pop-up window.

This opens the Digital Library, where you can begin searching for learning objects.


In the ACTIVITES tab, under Select activity, click SEARCH LIBRARY.

This opens the Digital Library, where you can begin searching for learning objects.

For more information on using the clipboard, reference the Clipboard Overview article.


To search for learning objects, in the Collection drop-down menu, choose Lincoln Learning Object Repository.

Once in the repository, you can enter the Standard Code in the Standard Notation search field. 

This yields all learning objects tied to that specific standard code.

TIP: If you are looking for a specific standard code and are unable to find it in a learning object, you can search for a course Pacing Guide in the Lincoln Learning Object Repository. The course Pacing Guide contains standard codes for all learning objects.


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