Student Activity by Week

This document will walk through how to pull the Student Activity Report which provides minutes spent for each student per class into a weekly minutes spent in total per student.

Exporting Pulse Student Activity Report

Navigate to the Reports tab in Pulse and select Student Activity Report.

Filter the report as needed.

TIP:  If you have more than one school associated to your district, click on the School Name filter, select the desired school, and click OK.

In the Date column, click on the magnifying glass and select Between.

TIP: After selecting Between, click in the search field and the Start and End date options will populate.

Select the Start and End dates.

Click on Export to pull the results into an Excel file.

Adjusting Excel Data to a PivotTable

Open the Excel file exported from Pulse.

NOTE:  If prompted, click on Enable Editing.

TIP:  If needed, select all the rows in the Minutes column and convert to a Number value.

Select all the data within the report.

IMPORTANT: Do not select blank columns or rows.

In the top ribbon of Excel, click Insert, then PivotTable.

Click OK in the Create PivotTable window.

In the PivotTable Fields, choose the data you want to reflect.

In this example, we are using the PivotTable Fields in the Field Section and Areas Section Stacked view.

To see total time per student, select Student Full Name and Minutes.

To see subtotals of time per student per course, select Student Full Name, Class Name, and Minutes.

Beneath the Choose fields section, you will see where you can Drag fields for Filters, Columns, Rows, and Values. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure Minutes is found in Values and the action is set to Sum.

You can adjust these details by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting a specific action. You can also drag and drop as needed.

Select Value Field Settings... if you need to adjust the value action.

Pivot Table Outcome

Once you apply a PivotTable, you will see the outcomes in the newly created Sheets tab. Below are examples of the two different setting outcomes.

Student Full Name and Minutes

Student Full Name, Class Name, and Minutes


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