Submitting an Online Assessment in Buzz

This resource introduces online assessments and explains how to complete each question type.

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Starting an Online Buzz Assessment

As you prepare to begin an Online Assessment, you will see a START button.  Before you click START, take a moment to read the description of the assessment.

Click the START button when you are fully ready to begin.  

Once you answer the questions provided on the first page, click NEXT located in the bottom right to go to the following page.  

You can also use the PREVIOUS button to go back.

If you need to reread the instructions, click on the Information icon located in the top right toolbar.

Then, click the X in the top left-hand corner to return to the assessment questions.

To print an assessment, click the print icon located in the top right toolbar.

Buzz Online Assessments also contain a Text to speech option located in the top right toolbar.

TIP: Click here to learn more about Texthelp.

To save your work and come back to it later, click SAVE & EXIT located in the bottom right.

To return to the assessment, click the CONTINUE button to pick up where you left off. 

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Question Types

Your Online Assessment may contain any combination of essay, short-answer, matching, ordering, and multiple-choice questions. Some questions may even contain a passage question.

TIP: Click below to jump to a specific question type.


This is an example of a matching question.


Use the drop-down arrows on the left to match the correct answer on the right. 


To answer an ordering question, use the up and down arrows to move the answer choices, placing the answers in the correct order.

Simply click the up arrow or down arrow if you need to change the order!

Multiple Answer

Now take a look at a question that offers more than one correct answer. This is known as a multiple-answer question. Read the question and select all of the boxes that apply.

Multiple Choice

This is a multiple-choice question. 

After you read the question, pick the one answer you think is correct. 


When you come to a question that provides a blue link at the top, click on the link while holding down the Control key, and then carefully read the provided passage. The passage will open in a new browser tab.

Multiple Choice Question Example

 Locate and click the Previous tab to return to your assessment.

Next, answer the question. Keep the other tab open in case you are asked another question about that passage.

NOTE: Question types for Passage questions may vary.

Essay Question Example


Essay-type questions like the one shown here ask you to describe your thinking. The answer to an essay question requires details and examples, so answers will be longer than one sentence. Essay questions offer some cool features. For example, you can choose a different font and adjust the font size when answering an essay question.

 TIP: Click here to learn more about the Buzz Text Editor Options.

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Submitting an Online Buzz Assessment

You will know you’ve reached the end of an assessment when the NEXT button disappears.

Finally, when you’re ready to submit the assessment, click the SUBMIT ALL ANSWERS button. 

You will be asked to confirm. If you have any unanswered questions, these will be listed.

By clicking SUBMIT, you are confirming you are ready for your teacher or the system to grade your work. You can’t go back once you click SUBMIT. 

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