System Recommendations

This article provides information about Lincoln Learning Solutions' recommended operating systems, web browsers, devices, and third-party applications.

Our team is committed to providing focused support for the recommended operating systems, web browsers, devices, and third-party applications outlined in this guide. These recommendations have been developed based on research and testing related to student engagement and achievement; online, hybrid, and blended pedagogical best practices; and educational technology. We provide these recommendations to ensure users of our products and platforms consistently receive an optimal experience, with the understanding that client institutions and individuals may choose devices, systems, configurations, and web browsers outside the scope of those we support.

Supported Operating Systems

Our preferred operating system (OS) is Microsoft Windows. As such, our support team does not maintain regular testing of updates and new features for alternative operating systems. Some of our clients have experienced success using the Apple macOS and Chrome OS; however, we cannot guarantee a successful student experience when these operating systems are used.

Supported Web Browsers

Our preferred web browser is Google Chrome, which we have determined via internal testing to have the greatest amount of consistency among users. Using a non-recommended browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, may vary and even compromise the student experience. Please click here to view the technical specifications from our learning management system (LMS) provider, Agilix Buzz.

Student Technical Engagement

The technology-based tools, resources, and activities students encounter range from general to course-specific. Please note, Lincoln Learning Solutions cannot guarantee the functionality of third-party applications.

General Student Experience
PDF Documents
Streaming Audio/Video
Interactive Activities
Learning Objects
Embedded Guides/Media
Attachment Tools
Email and Communications
Text Editors


Course Specific Student Experience
Fluency Assessments K-2 English Language Arts
Audio Recordings Foreign Language & Music
PhET5 Simulations Science
MOVband Sync Physical Education
Typing Application Introduction to Typing
MIT's Scratch Language Introduction to Computer Programming
Adobe Creative Cloud Introduction to Digital Media
Microsoft Office 2016 Business Applications

NOTE: Click here to see our complete whitelist.

A whitelist is a security list that provides access to pre-approved email addresses, IP addresses, domain names, or applications as a quick and easy way to help safeguard computers and networks from potentially harmful threats or inappropriate material on local networks or across the internet.

TIP: Please see the Supported Device Configuration section of this article for known limitations.

Supported Device Configuration

Our recommended device is a laptop or desktop computer as our support team is fully equipped to troubleshoot issues related to these devices. Additionally, students receive the best experience on a device with a full-sized screen and external keyboard and on which applications—many of them specifically designed for desktop and laptop systems—can run optimally and consistently. Please reference the following table for an outline of known issues related to alternative devices.

  • Content not responsive and can appear disjointed
  • PhET5 science simulations not supported on Android mobile devices
  • Windows-based applications will not run optimally on iOS mobile devices
  • Cannot view all Assess It content
  • Limitations with PDFs (e.g., scrolling, viewing in full screen)
  • Fluency recorder does not fully function
  • Many third-party applications require Microsoft Windows OS versus iOS
  • Varying third-party applications may hinder or compromise student experience
  • Limited capabilities with Naxos embedded content
  • Embedded activities may not fully load
  • Limits screen size, requiring students to potentially adjust browser size and tool ribbon
  • Video loading issues and endless buffering have been reported
  • Limited capabilities with Naxos embedded content
  • Math equations may not render appropriately

NOTE: These specifications are ever-evolving, and updates are often outside of Lincoln Learning Solutions’ control. Additionally, we recognize some of the known issues may be related to the age of the device or OS being used.

Additional Resources

Please visit these Knowledge Base resources related to troubleshooting issues on unsupported devices, operating systems, and web browsers.


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