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This resource provides information about the Teach It learning object (LO).

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Feature Overview

Our Teach It learning objects are made for students who benefit from hearing course content in addition to reading and interacting with it. The Teach It learning objects bring a teaching voice to a student’s experience within the course.


K–5 core courses contain Teach Its.

Top Facts

  1. There are more than 7,000 Teach Its available for students.
  2. Teach Its can be found in 24 core courses in grades K through 5.
  3. Animated characters act as a teacher in elementary Teach Its.
  4. Teach Its are not merely passive objects; students regularly are directed back to the Read Its to complete activities and engage with other interactive elements.


Teach It learning objects were designed to target a different modality for learners working their way through a course. They can help support English language learners as well as students with reading disabilities, low vision, or other visual impairments.

The intent is to guide the learner through the content, calling out specific elements to which they may need to pay special attention or add clarity to some pieces of the Read It. Teach Its aid in reading comprehension and provide a model for fluent reading while helping to reduce anxiety about reading text.

Teach It Overview

The Teach It learning object brings a teaching voice to the student experience. An animated character guides the student through a Read It, employing a conversational tone while narrating and highlighting important content and sending the student to the Read It to complete online activities and check responses. The Teach It is not a tool for delivering new instructional material, extending conceptual material, or replacing existing Read Its within the sequence of the course. Rather, it offers the student an alternative route to increased comprehension of the educational content.


Q: What would be the best way for a teacher to use Lincoln Empowered’s Teach Its in a brick-and-mortar setting?


  • Use a station-in-centers rotation when working with Teach Its.
  • In a flipped classroom style, assign the Teach It/Read It for the night before the lesson is taught in person.
  • Assign Teach Its to transfer students for a review of skills or concepts that were not covered in previous school placement.
  • Assign Teach Its as a review for students who need reinforcement or remediation of a skill.
  • Assign Teach Its from lower or higher grade levels or courses to expand learning options.

Q: What would be the most appropriate way for a teacher to use Lincoln Empowered’s Teach Its in an asynchronous virtual setting?

A: See the suggestions listed above. Also, in this context, Teach Its give students independence in learning.


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