Teacher Main Menu Overview in Learning Tree

This article will provide an overview of the teacher Main Menu in Learning Tree.

Teacher Main Menu


  1. Profile Picture and Learning – Clicking on either option will allow you to navigate to the Communities Landing Page.

NOTE: Some teachers may have the Course Designer permission which allows them to create custom courses.

2.  Performance – Gives you access to your Data Dashboards which provides drillable graphs depicting standards mastery, formative assessments, assignments and more.

NOTE: Dashboards are customized and dependent on data and your district’s set up. LT Learners and User Badges allows you to see all students within your communities and any badges they have earned.

3.  Resources – Allows you to access Lincoln Learning Assess Its and questions. You can also access any open-education resources to which your district is subscribed.

4.  Messages - Gives you the ability to email your students. teacher, and admins within Learning Tree's system.

TIP: If you see a blue circle with a number in it, you have an unread message in your inbox.

5.  Meetings - Schedule and attend meetings you have been invited to by other teachers or admins.

NOTE: Meetings in the Main Menu are not the same as Meetings within a community which are meant for live instruction with that community’s members only.

6.  Help - Have a question? Clicking here will direct you to the Help Center allowing you to view resources to problem solve. 

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