Texthelp Information Sheet

This article provides information about Texthelp.

Feature Overview  Texthelp enables students to better understand information presented in their courses.  Texthelp can read to students and help them pronounce and define unfamiliar words, take notes, and highlight important terms, all of which students can review later.  
Top Facts
  1. Texthelp is built into each of our learning objects and each Buzz online assessments.
  2. Texthelp reads content out loud for students. 
  3. Texthelp provides students help with pronouncing unfamiliar words.
  4. Texthelp translates any section into a set language.
  5. Texthelp defines unfamiliar words for students using a dictionary or picture dictionary tools.
  6. Texthelp allows students to take notes and highlight important phrases within the lessons.
  7. Texthelp does not read clickable content (e.g., images, videos, activities).

Texthelp Features:  Click here to open an article that highlights the Texthelp features found in Lincoln Learning content and the Texthelp features found in the Online Buzz Assessments through Lincoln. 

Tips for Buzz Assessment Texthelp : Click here to open an article containing a video introduction to Buzz Assessment Texthelp. 

What is Texthelp? Video: Click here to open an article containing a video introduction to Texthelp.  This video focuses on the content version of Texthelp.

Notetaking Using Texthelp: Video:  Click here to open an article containing a video highlighting Texthelp's notetaking features.



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