Understanding the Learning Tree Student Course Usage Dashboard

This resource will explain to students the Course Usage Dashboard within a Learning Tree community.


In a Learning Tree community, click on the Course Usage Dashboard tab.

Your personalized Course Usage Dashboard will populate. The Course Usage Dashboard will give you an overview of how and when you access your Learning Tree community. You can see a variety of detailed dashboard views, including:

NOTE: Each view, excluding Summary, can be customized further by Duration, time spent in the community, and Visits, times the community was accessed.

WARNING: Changing the view to either Duration or Visits will adjust every graph within the Course Usage Dashboard.

IMPORTANT: A teacher can look at your Course Usage Dashboard at any given time.



The Summary view provides you with information regarding your time in your Learning Tree community during the current month. You can see the Average duration per day, Total duration, Last visit, and more.

In this example, this student has spent an average of two visits and 28 minutes per day in their course. This is a 96% increase from week to week. They last logged into the community was August 9.

Days of the Month

In this bar graph, you will be able to see what days you have accessed your community as well as the amount of time you’ve spent in the community per day by hovering your mouse over the bar.

TIP: You can switch the month you are viewing by clicking on the name of another month.

Year To-Date

This dot plot graph displays the amount of time you spent in your community per day, per month by hovering your mouse over the dot.

Days of the Week

This bar graph displays a collective summary of the amount of time you’ve spent each day throughout your time in the course by hovering your mouse over the bar.

In this example, the student is spending the most time in their community on Tuesdays.

Hours of the Day

This bar graph displays a summary of the time you have spent during each hour of the day from all days throughout your time in the course. This provides an overview of your most active hours.

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