Understanding the Pacing Guide

This resource instructs teachers where to find their course Pacing Guide in their learning management system and offers tips on how to use it to make their teaching more impactful.

This video gives a visual overview of the course Pacing Guide, including where to find it and how it can be skillfully used for effective teaching. Click the Play button below to get started. Or, click here for additional written directions.

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Locating the Pacing Guide

Finding the Pacing Guide is dependent on the learning management system (LMS) in which you are instructing. Your course Pacing Guide can be found in Course Resources within your course content.

NOTE: The Course Resources may be labeled as a unit, module, folder, etc.

Select your LMS below to see specific instructions on locating the Pacing Guide.


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From your Buzz Home page, select your course.

Under the ACTIVITIES tab, expand the Course Resources folder.

From the Course Resources folder, locate the activity containing the word Pacing Guide.


 Select Modules from your Course Index

Locate the Course Resources module and select the course Pacing Guide.

TIP: If your modules are collapsed, click the module name to open it or Expand All to open all modules.

Learning Tree

From your Learning Tree Communities Homepage, select a community.

Select the Learning tab.

In the Learning area, the course content will populate. Under Course Resources, select Pacing Guide.

Loading the Pacing Guide

Regardless of your LMS, when you click on the course Pacing Guide in Course Resources, it will load.

TIP: It may take a moment for the Pacing Guide to appear as it is pulling a dynamic document. Please be patient!

Once populated, click the Excel Download or PDF Download option to download a copy you can print as needed.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see the options for an Excel or PDF download, you can always download the Pacing Guide as a PDF through the print feature.

TIP: Choosing Excel Download will download an Excel version you can use to add notes.

Understanding the Pacing Guide

The Pacing Guide helps you visually understand the arrangement of your course and ways to personalize it.

The Pacing Guide outlines the entire course by listing course objectives and standard alignment. It also identifies each topic, the lessons within each topic, and the learning objects within the lesson. Assessments are highlighted as well.

IMPORTANT: The format of the Pacing Guide will be updated for the 24/25 school. Check back after July 1 for these changes!

IMPORTANT: This example is from a Lincoln Empowered course, and the Pacing Guide colors may vary slightly from one product to the next.

Using the Pacing Guide to Support Learning

Reviewing and knowing the content of your course is essential to supporting your students’ learning. Understanding the content within each lesson allows you to offer personalized advice and suggestions to your students.

Use your Pacing Guide to take detailed notes like keeping track of pacing adjustments or noting assignments with which students particularly struggled. To do this, select Excel Download on your Pacing Guide.

Once the Excel is downloaded, click Enable Editing.

 Create a Notes column to track customizations, assessment comments, and more. 

TIP: Tracking customizations will help you apply changes from year to year as well as aid you should there be any future changes or releases of the course.

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