Using Google Drawings with Lincoln Learning

The purpose of this document is to provide tips for Google Drawings to actively complete a worksheet online.

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Lincoln Learning Solutions’ Early Kindergarten through Fifth Grade core courses integrate a Google Drawings option associated with PDF worksheets. This addition will allow students to write or draw on PDF worksheets, directly from their computers. All students need to get started is a Google account!

TIP: Lincoln Learning Solutions’ Sixth through Twelfth Grade courses and elementary electives currently utilize a downloadable Word option instead of Google Drawings.

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How to Open Google Drawings

When you encounter a PDF that has the Google Drawings option, click the icon above the PDF to open Google Drawings

NOTE: Google Drawings will not be applicable to all worksheets. Please read the worksheet instructions and complete the activity accordingly.

Once you select Google Drawings, you will be prompted to Make a copy. This will open an image of the PDF in Google.

TIP: Take a moment and save your file in the correct location. Try saving it within a folder that is shared with your teacher.

1. Add your name to the file name for easier reference.2. Click the folder option to move the file to the correct Google Drive location.

    Download and Copy Options

    At the top of each worksheet opened with Google Drawings, you will see two blue options, Download PDF and Make A Copy, you do not need to use these options unless you need to make an additional copy or download a static copy. 

    WARNING:  You are currently working in an online copy if you followed the steps above. 

    • Selecting Make A Copy again will make a second copy which can be confusing on which copy you want to continue working in. 
    • Selecting Download PDF downloads a static PDF of the Google Drawings. This will not allow you to work online with the document. 

    Tips for Using Google Drawings

    Use the Zoom icon (shown below) to adjust the size of your image.

    If your image contains a dotted rectangle, you can click to begin typing.

    The drawing tools within Google Drawings allow you to create lines, shapes, text, and more.

    Use the line feature for matching.

    Scribble, one of the line options, is a great feature for hands-on creation.

    TIP:  If you grab the worksheet image and move it, the undo feature (Ctrl + Z) will be helpful.

    Additional Google Drawings Support Resources

    Create, Insert & Edit Drawings Google Support article provides additional details for using Google Drawings.

    Submitting a Google Drawings File

    When a worksheet needs to be turned in for a grade, a completed Google Drawing worksheet can be submitted to your teacher.  If you save your updated Google Drawings image to your Google folder, you can share your completed work with your teacher by adjusting the Google Folder permissions.

    Google Docs: Getting Started and Sharing Folders resource is designed to assist you with setting up and sharing folders with your Google account. 


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