Using the Progress Tab in the Student View in Learning Tree

This article will help students understand the information presented in the Progress tab in the student view in Learning Tree.

Accessing the Progress Tab

On your community landing page, select the Progress tab.

The Progress data bar graph will populate.

NOTE: The data bar graph has default settings, and these settings are what is recommended for helping students to monitor their progress.

Progress Tab Definitions

You will need to know the following terms to understand the information in the Progress tab:

  • Count – number of activities per status
  • Completed – assignments or assessments which have been graded
  • InProgress – assignments or assessments which have been started but are not submitted
  • Not Started – activities which have yet to be accessed
  • PendingEvaluation – assessments with extended text questions (i.e., essays) which are awaiting teacher grading
  • Reopen – assignments or assessments the teacher is allowing you to continue working on after it has been submitted
  • Submitted – graded assignments and upload assessments which are awaiting the teacher to submit a single assignment score
  • Viewed – ungraded activities which have been opened
  • Objective – Lesson number
  • Activity – LLS' learning objects and teacher-added content
  • Status – whether the activity is Completed, InProgress, Not Started, PendingEvaluation, Submitted, or Viewed
  • Performance – customized grade band placed on a Completed activity

NOTE: For Lincoln Learning Solutions’ (LLS) course content, Viewed means the activity has met the standard for completion.

Filterable Fields

Objective, Activity, Status, and Performance are all filterable fields. This means you can narrow down your results by selecting a filter within the field.

To filter in a field, select the Filter icon on the field button.

From the menu, select one or more filters to change the information you view in the Progress data bar graph and click OK when finished.

Your Progress data bar graph will automatically adjust to the applied filters.

Drill Down Data

You are also able to drill down in the data even further to see what activities are Completed, InProgress, Not Started, and Viewed.

To do this, identify the Status and Lesson you would like to drill into and click on the number found in that data field.

 The Lesson Drill Down Data box will populate, showing you all the activities within that status. 

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