Viewing Student Online Assessment Results in Learning Tree

This article instructs students on where to find online assessment results as well as a Test Summary and Test Analytics in Learning Tree.


You can find online assessment results and access the assessment’s Test Summary and Test Analytics from the Report Card tab.

TIP: You can also find this information when you click on the Activity Details icon on the graded assessment in the Learning tab.

After locating the graded assessment, you will see your Score Out Of the total points possible. You will also see your Performance Grade Band associated to your score.

You can click on the assessment to open more detailed assessment information such as Test Summary and Test Analytics.

IMPORTANT: There are no Test Summaries or Test Analytics associated to upload assessments.

Test Summary

In the TEST SUMMARY tab, you will see all the questions on your assessment. You will also see your answers and question-level feedback.

NOTE: The question number is where the question falls within the question pool NOT where it falls within your given assessment.

Scroll down to view the remainder of your test and Print Test Summary if you’d like.

Test Analytics

In the TEST ANALYTICS tab, you can see a further breakdown of data regarding your assessments.

  1. Date – This is the date the assessment was created and made accessible in the community.
  2. OVERALL SCORE – This shows the points you earned out of the total number of points possible.
  3. Score (Percentages) – These details are your Performance Grade Band, the percentage correct on your assessment, and the points you earned out of the total number of points possible.
  4. Time Spent (Percentages) – This is the amount of time you spent completing your assessment.
  5. SCORE ANALYSIS – This represents how many questions you got correct, partially correct, not correct, and not attempted. It also tells you your Performance Grade Band.
  6. SCORE BY SUBJECT – This diagram displays how many questions you got correct by subject.  

 NOTE: Questions are tagged by subject by Lincoln Learning Solutions. 

  7.   Print – Click to print your Test Analytics.

TIP: You can use the NOTES tab to document any information in the text entry box you’d like. Make sure to click Save when you’re finished. You can revisit these notes at any time by clicking on the assessment in Report Card.

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