Viewing Your Grades

This resource explains to students how to view their grades, check their progress, and view their current scores within their learning management system.

Staying on top of your grades is an important part of being successful when using the Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) content. Viewing your grades is unique to each of the following learning management systems (LMS):

If you do not see your LMS listed, visit your LMS help center for assistance.


Buzz allows you to view progress overviews for all of your courses, progress details for each course, and student grade details.

Click the Play button below to get more information regarding grades within Buzz.

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Additional Buzz Resources

How do I view my progress (Grades screen)?

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When using Lincoln Learning content in Canvas, you will use the Grades feature to view your grades in a current course. View the Grades Overview video for more information.

Additional Canvas Resources

How do I view my grades in a current course?

How do I use the icons and colors in the Grades page?

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Learning Tree

To check your Lincoln Learning grades, you will use the course Report Card.

Click the Play button below to gain more information regarding grades and progress in Learning Tree.

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Additional Learning Tree Resources

Checking Your Progress

Course Information & Tools

Learning Tree: Course Tools

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