Customizations Course Overview

The purpose of this document is to provide a general overview and tips for using the Customizations Courses.

What is a Customizations Course?

Client Customizations Courses were created to catalog customizations and provide a single location for reusable access through the Digital Library.   These are shelled courses containing empty folders associated to each general Lincoln Empowered course. Teachers can add additional folders as needed.

Teachers are encouraged to add their unique activities into this course for future usage. They are also encouraged to add Lincoln Learning Objects they customize into this course. Keeping these customized items in one location allows teachers to access them if a course is closed or replaced.

Teachers can either add to the Customizations course and pull the objects into their classes for their students, or they can adjust the object within their class and pull that version into the Customizations course. The steps found in the links below will highlight these details.

Layout Details for a Customizations Courses

There are three primary Client Customizations courses:

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Secondary

Each course contains an array of folders separated into subject areas. Each subject area has a folder for the Lincoln Learning general course options. Electives even have sub-categories by Elective type. For example, in an Elementary English Language Arts Folder, you will see:

  • English Language Arts K
  • English Language Arts 1
  • English Language Arts 2
  • English Language Arts 3
  • English Language Arts 4
  • English Language Arts 5
  • Cursive Handwriting

TIP: For Early Kindergarten, you will find the Integrated course in the Other folder within Electives.

Adding Your Customized Objects from your Customizations Course to your Class

Adding Content to a Customizations Course

Click the Editor icon on the appropriate Course Card.  

Once in the Editor, expand your folders until you locate the course folder you want to add your content to.

From the Add options, select the type of activity you want to add.

TIP: If you want to customize a Lincoln Learning course, try using the Digital Library for easy access. The resources below are useful videos associated to the Digital Library.

Once added, the activity will be visible.

TIP: If you are making object setting customizations, you can bring the object into your Customizations Course, make the adaptations, and then place it back into your course hiding the existing.

Adding Items from your Customizations Course to Your Class

Navigate to the Editor of the course where you want to add the customization.

In the Editor, find the appropriate lesson, then click Add activity.

Select Library.

 Click OPEN on the appropriate School Name.  

Select OPEN on the appropriate Customizations Course Card.

Next, find the object you customized. Check Add to cart.

Then, click LINK.

This customization is now visible in your course.

NOTE: The new, customized activity goes to the bottom.

IMPORTANT: If you have two items named the same, it is important to rename one of the items and/or hide the non-customized assignment. If the object is renamed, the adjusted name is visible to all students.

Adding Your Customized Objects from your Class to your Customization Course

You may have already created customized objects in your course. To properly catalog these items, it is essential to store them in the proper Customization Course.

Within the Editor of the Customization Course you would like to store your customization, find the appropriate subject folder, then course folder and click Add activity.

 Next, select Library.  

Click OPEN on the appropriate School Name.

TIP: This is the suitcase containing your school name, and typically, the number of courses you teach or have subscriptions to.

Select OPEN on the appropriate Course Card.

Next, find the object you customized. Check Add to cart.

Next, click LINK.

The customization is now stored in your Client Customizations Course.

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