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Accessing Activity Settings in Your LMS

This article explains how teachers can access activity settings available in their learning management system.

Activity Settings

Activity settings allow you to individualize how students experience an activity. This feature includes options such as visibility, scoring, and more. For example, changing the visibility of an activity can support students who are overwhelmed by the amount of content or can help with student pacing. Activity settings also allow you to make adjustments to assignment weights, the number of attempts a student has to complete the activity, and how the score is displayed.

For more information on making specific activity adjustments, please see the Customizing Course Content and Personalization Options resources.

IMPORTANT: Content changes may affect your students' pacing.

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If you do not see your LMS listed, visit your LMS help center for assistance.


Click the Play button on the video to get started or read through the written directions below.

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Visit How do I use Activity editors? for more information on editing specific activity types using the Assessment activity editor and Assignment activity editor.

NOTE: The activity type you are working with will determine the settings available to you.

Tips for Visibility Settings

Clicking the eye icon from the Syllabus tab of the Editor changes the visibility for the selected folder or activity. When a slash is shown through the eye, the folder or activity is visible to Teachers only. When no slash is shown, the piece is visible to students, teachers, and observers.

TIP: From the Syllabus tab of the Editor, you can also see the visibility settings for the selected folder or activity in the right panel. This panel can be expanded and collapsed as desired.

You can also adjust the visibility setting within the edit screen of a folder or activity. Click the pencil icon next to the eye to go to the edit screen.

TIP: You can also double-click the folder name to edit.

Click the SETTINGS tab along the top.

Locate the Visibility and access tile and click on the arrow to expand the options.

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You can edit, move/reorder, and duplicate modules within Canvas. After opening a module, click the more icon for a drop-down menu of options.

Clicking the more icon on a specific item will bring up a list of setting options for that particular item.

NOTE: The module item you are working with will determine the settings and editing options available to you.

Additional Canvas Resources

Instructor Guide: Modules

How do I edit a module?

How do I edit module items?

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Learning Tree

After opening a Community, click the Learning Tab to edit the course.

Additional Learning Tree Resources

Course Designer: Editing Course Designer Community

Course Designer: Learning Tab


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