Customizing Course Content

This resource provides information on how teachers can customize Lincoln Learning Solutions content in the LMS.

What is Customization?

Customization at Lincoln Learning Solutions (LLS) is defined as the first time a client modifies something in their course. This includes adding additional activities, replacing objects, moving objects, and hiding or unpublishing course content.

Object Customizations

Object customizations could be the replacement of an object, the addition of content, the movement of an object, or the removal of an activity. Object customization examples include but are not limited to:

  • Creating content
  • Adding content from a library
  • Removing course content
  • Moving content within a lesson, between lessons, or between topics

Why Customize?

As a teacher, using object customizations can do a variety of things. It can strengthen core skills and concepts, supplement learning for all students, personalize learning opportunities for individuals or groups of students, and more. With LLS, you may have the opportunity to add Lincoln Learning Objects (LOs) and teacher-created assets as additional activities, as well as remove unwanted items and move content to create a unique learning experience for your students.

Customization Considerations

When making customizations, clients should be aware of how these changes can impact their course content and pacing. For instance, adding and removing content could impact student pacing; whereas, replacing an object with a similar activity may not.

Something else to consider when adding, moving, and removing content is how these could impact Mastery and Checkpoint assessments. 

TIP: Utilizing the course Pacing Guide is an excellent way to take notes, track course customizations, and teach more effectively. Click here to learn more about your course Pacing Guide.

Customizing Content in the LMS

How you add, move, and remove activities will depend on your LMS. Click the LMS name below to navigate to the specific directions based on that LMS.

If you do not see your LMS listed, visit your LMS help center for assistance.


Click the Play button to learn more about adding content to an Empowered course.

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Buzz Folders

For instructions on how to create and manage folders in Buzz, refer to the How do I Manage Course Folders? article.

Adding Content

Review How do I add activities to my course? for information regarding adding content to your course.

IMPORTANT: Selecting Library will allow you to search the Digital Library assets to which you have access. LLS no longer maintains objects found within the Digital Library.

TIP: For access to the most up-to-date Lincoln Learning objects, consider adding a Lincoln Content Bank subscription. Review our Lincoln Content Bank Help Center category for more information and reach out to your Client Success Specialist with any questions.

Additional Buzz Resources

How do I use Buzz's activity types?

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In Canvas, you can create and add a variety of activities to your Lincoln content. Review How do I add course content as module items? for more information. 

TIP: With a Lincoln Content Bank subscription, you can access and add the most up-to-date Lincoln Learning objects. Review our Lincoln Content Bank Help Center category for more information and reach out to your Client Success Specialist with any questions.

Additional Canvas Resources

How do I remove module items?

How do I move or reorder a module item?

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Learning Tree

In Learning Tree, you can add these types of activities.

Lincoln Learning Objects

Click on the Schedule icon in the unit or topic where you want to add an LO.

Next, select Search Activity from the menu.

Begin your search by typing in a keyword associated with the title of the LO into the Enter text to search field and click Go.

Next, use the elastic search to narrow your results.

Elastic Search Fields

Using Learning Tree's elastic search, you can filter your results by:

 Course Name 

All courses are designed by either Lincoln Learning or a designated Course Designer.

Search for an LLS Course Title to filter your search to just that course; for example, Career Explorations.  
 Course Type 

All courses are virtual. At this time, this filter may not be useful.

 Object Type 

Filter by clicking either Topic (Lesson) or Unit.

 Object Name 

Filter by searching Topic (Lesson) number or Unit name.

 Activity Type 

Filter by clicking one of the following:

  • Assessments: These will be LLS or Designer-created online assessments in Learning Tree.
  • LTI Content Provider: These are LLS LOs such as Read It, Play It, Practice It, etc.  
 Activity Name 

Search by LO name. Also try searching by LO type, such as Read It, Play It, Practice It, etc. Click here to review all LO types.

 Standard  Filter activity by standard.

All communities created for and by users. This is different than the Course Name search because a course can be created and applied to multiple communities.

 Created By 

Filter by clicking who created the course, community, assignment, etc. The objects created by lincolnlearning admin contain all LOs embedded directly from Lincoln Learning Solutions.

 Tag Type  Lincoln Learning users are unable to use this filter. 
 Tag Name  Lincoln Learning users are unable to use this filter. 

Click the LO's hyperlinked name to preview it before adding it to your course.

Sample Search

You can layer the elastic search fields to help narrow down your outcomes. Below is an example of how you may do this.

Let’s say you are searching for resources associated with plot. Entering text to search without using the elastic search fields will render too many options.

Begin to narrow the results using the elastic search fields by first choosing a Course Name.

Next, let’s say you want to see all the Watch Its associated with plot in English Language Arts 5. Type Watch It into the search field under Activity Name.

Selecting Elements of Plot – Watch It – (2) will filter your results further and produce a manageable list of items ready for you to preview and add to your course.

Remember, you can click on the hyperlink to preview before adding to your course.

Additional Learning Tree Activities

As a teacher, you may want to supplement your students’ learning by adding additional activities, such as videos, online resources, and more.

NOTE: Click here for written directions.

Click the Play button below to get started.

Run Time: 03:18

Add Activity

From the Select Activity Type pop-up, select which activity type you would like to add to your topic. The following are the recommended LLS activity types to optimize customized learning and improve the student experience when using Lincoln content.

NOTE: Clients within their tenant may see other activity options, such as E-Publication and SLO Activity. 

You can also move and remove items as needed.

Additional Learning Tree Resources

Activity Types Glossary

Activity Types: User Guide

Learning Tab: Activity Content Options

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