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This article explains the basics of editing an activity and highlights the available settings.


Activity settings will allow you to individualize how students experience an activity. This feature includes options such as visibility, scoring, and more.

To go to an activity’s settings, navigate to the Editor of the course by selecting the Editor icon from the Course Card or from the Course Menu.

Grid View List View

Next, find the activity you want to edit.

TIP: You can use the Find Activity option in the top toolbar of the Editor to quickly find an activity by name.

Click the Edit icon to the right of the activity to make changes. For faster editing, click the activity to open the Editor.

You will see several tabs across the top of the activity editor.

ACTIVITY From the ACTIVITY tab, you can adjust the name, description, and content details of the activity. These details include ADD ACTIVITY INSTRUCTIONS and ADD ATTACHMENT, both of which allow for teacher personalization.
SETTINGS In the SETTINGS tab, you can adjust how the student experiences the activity. This includes visibility, gradebook settings, and more.

The QUESTIONS tab is only associated with assessment activities. This tab allows you to view linked questions. When designing your own assessment, this is also where you create multiple choice, multiple answer, essay questions, and more.

HISTORY The HISTORY tab allows you to see the various changes made to the activity over time.

TIP: For those activities that contain a QUESTIONS tab, be sure to check out the Advanced assessment options tile under the SETTINGS tab to enhance the student experience.

WARNING: If you delete or adjust questions within the QUESTIONS tab for a Lincoln Empowered Course, you will risk breaking the link back to the original assessment.


Click on the SETTINGS tab to see the setting options available for the activity.

NOTE: The activity type you are working with will determine the settings available to you.

From the SETTINGS tab, you can limit the number of completion attempts for the activity, make the activity gradable, and hide the activity from the table of contents. Here is an overview of the different settings you can apply to an activity.

Activity settings

In Activity settings, you can:

  • Determine if an activity needs a due date and assign a due date.
  • Decide if you want to allow late submissions based on days, hours, or minutes.

IMPORTANT: This function is only available for courses that are set up as Traditional with a ranged set of dates.

Objective mastery This setting allows you to align the activity with one or more objectives. Click CHOOSE OBJECTIVE to select the desired objectives.

You can award automatic badges to recognize student achievement once they complete the activity.

Click CHOOSE BADGE, select the badge you want to award. Then, click DONE.
Assessment review

Only Available for Assessments

This setting allows you to control how students view the results of an assessment. For example, you can set Display student answers to Always. This option ensures students will always be able to see their response after the they take an assessment.  

For more tips on these settings, please reference Buzz Editor: Creating Assessments.

Assessment pool settings

Only Available for Assessments

In Assessment pool settings, you can determine the number of questions that will display for the assessment.

For more tips on these settings, please reference Buzz Editor: Creating Assessments.
Advanced assessment options

Only Available for Assessments

Some of the settings in Advanced assessment options include:

  • Time limits
  • Allow printing
  • Start assessment automatically
  • Create a password for the assessment

Further student experience options might include:

  • Show highlighter
  • Show answer eliminator
  • Allow student notes
  • Allow student to bookmark and review questions
For more tips on these settings, please reference Buzz Editor: Creating Assessments.

IMPORTANT: Please use caution in turning all options on at the same time.

Advanced activity options

This setting enables you to define the parameters for completion.

Non-gradable activities have two options.

  • Views this activity for a specified time: By default, the time allotted for a student to view the activity is one minute. This time can be adjusted to the length of a video for more accurate completion checks.
  • Marks this activity complete: This option places a MARK THIS ACTIVITY COMPLETE button at the bottom of the activity. Students would click this button when they feel they have completed the activity to get a completion check.

Gradable activities have four options:

  • Views this activity for a specified time
  • Submits this activity
  • Receives any score
  • Receives a passing score

By checking the box next to Students must complete this activity before continuing to the next one, you can specify whether or not a student needs to complete this activity before they continue.

This option also identifies the activity's location and Activity ID details.
Gradebook and submission

In this setting, you can determine if and how an activity is graded.

You can make the activity gradable (this will add it to the gradebook) as well as assign a grading weight and scale to the activity.

For more tips on these settings, please reference Buzz Editor: Creating Assessments.

TIP: Try setting your Submission type to Multiple Documents. If you don’t select a Submission type, students won’t be able to submit their work.

Visibility and access

This setting is where you can determine who sees the activity.

Apply the settings in Visibility and access to limit or expand the activity’s visibility to students, teachers, and observers.

You can hide the activity from the table of contents, meaning it will not be visible in the Activities view until you have made it visible.

You can also set a password for an activity by checking the box labeled Student must enter a password.
Metadata In Metadata, you can enter descriptors such as Vocabulary and Essential Questions for the activity. This information is not viewable by students.
Advanced gradebook options

Only Available for Activities Marked as Gradable

These options allow you to check settings such as:

  • Set the passing score for the activity
  • Require a passing score for course credit
  • Include the activity’s score in the students’ final grade calculation
  • Treat as zero in gradebook until this activity is scored
For more tips on these settings, please reference Buzz Editor: Creating Assessments.

Once you have adjusted your settings, select SAVE to apply your changes.


NOTE: Adjusting settings at the activity or assessment level may block global updates if applied, or updates must be applied manually post adjustment of settings at the activity or assessment level.

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