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This resource provides information about Lincoln Empowered Auto-Graded (asynchronous) course options.

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Curriculum Overview

Lincoln Learning Solutions offers an auto-graded curriculum that can be ordered with or without a client teacher. Auto-Graded courses contain purely auto-graded assessments that are scored by the learning management system (LMS), and automatic feedback is delivered to the student through the LMS as well.

IMPORTANT: As the default, Auto-Graded courses do not have a dedicated Lincoln Learning Solutions Teacher Facilitator to make student accommodations. If a student needs accommodations, the student should either be enrolled in a course with Lincoln Learning Solutions teaching services or an Auto-Graded course with a client teacher.

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Top Facts

  1. The Auto-Graded model was created as an alternative to the traditional online course option which requires more teacher attention. The Auto-Graded courses are great for districts looking for an easier initial transition to online learning but are also ideal for districts that have limited resources.
  2. Most courses are already available in an auto-graded delivery model. New courses are being released in this format each academic year.
  3. Auto-Graded courses contain Checkpoint assessments after every five lessons. These allow the student to gauge understanding of previous lesson content and assure adequate progress is being made within the course. They are low-stakes, formative assessments taken directly in the LMS.
  4. When using Auto-Graded courses with an LLS teacher, course finalizations are automatically submitted once all graded items are marked complete and a passing score threshold of 60% is reached in each student’s course. To process finalizations that fall outside these parameters, a request can be submitted through a request form by clicking here.
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General Details

Lesson Structure

  • Topic > Lesson > Learning Object

Learning Object Design

Lessons are driven by behavioral, age-appropriate learning objectives that are based on subject and grade-appropriate national standards. The content is supported by text, imagery, audio, and video. Courses include a Course Resources folder which houses a course pacing guide. 

Activity Time

  • Per lesson is an average of 30-60 minutes.


  • 1 Lesson = 1 Day of learning (1 hour) per course.
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Credit Information

  • Lincoln Learning Solutions offers various Auto-Graded courses. All one-credit, Auto-Graded courses are delivered in the form of two-semester course offerings. 
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Course Overview

  • Content support, progress monitoring, and communication with students are the responsibility of the district/mentor teachers. There will be no contact made or teacher services provided by Lincoln Learning Solutions for these courses. All communication/inquiries are filtered through the Service Portal or the Client Support Specialist. 
  • In addition, unique allowances cannot be provided, and limited accommodations will be implemented when using Auto-Graded courses without a client teacher. If more specific modifications are required, an alternative Instructional Services option should be leveraged.
  • All assessments within an auto-graded course will be automatically graded within the LMS.
  • Assessments will have retries automatically enabled so that students can submit or resubmit assessments more freely.
  • Students will indicate completion of ungraded course activities by clicking a MARK THIS ACTIVITY COMPLETE button. This allows each student to take as much or as little time as needed on each activity before indicating completion.
  • Graded course activities will be indicated as complete once they are submitted.
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Assessment Structure

  • Students have the option to retake assessments as many times as they wish throughout the course.
  • The highest scored assessment will be the score that is found in the gradebook.
  • The questions on the auto-graded assessments found throughout these courses come from a large pool of questions to allow for many different combinations of assessments for each student and each new retake.
  • Formative assessments called Checkpoints can be found after every five lessons.
  • Summative assessments called Mastery Assess Its are found at the end of each topic.
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Q: What if I choose the Auto-Graded option and decide I would like more authentic assessments after the school year has started?

A: Clients can decide to use the Auto-Graded courses and add additional authentic work later. Auto-Graded courses do not contain assessments that require teacher-touch. This decision is determined during implementation.

Q: I am using the Auto-Graded course option through Lincoln Learning without a client teacher. Can I have additional support from Lincoln Learning teachers to provide supplemental content?

A: When using auto-graded courses without a client teacher, supplemental content support will not be provided.

Q: Can students be transferred in and out of Auto-Graded courses?

A: Transfers into and out of Auto-Graded courses are not available. A student must drop a course and then enroll in a new course.

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