Buzz Editor Activity Types

This article describes the different activity types that can be added to a course.

Folder Used as a container for other course items.
Project Used to add a folder for a Project. The Project Title, Start date, and End date will need to be specified. Creation of the Project can then be completed in the Project Tab, if desired. Additional activity types can be added to this folder.

Used to add content into the Syllabus directly from the Digital Library.

Project Wizard

Used to set up Project details, which include a title, timeframe, description, instructions for submission, and other details. The Project Wizard also allows you to specify settings for different student groups.

IMS Package

Used to import IMS packages into your course, including common cartridges and QTI questions or SCORM packages. (IMS refers to a group of files packaged in an agreed upon standard so they can be reused in different systems. Additionally, QTI refers to Questions and Test Interoperability, while SCORM is an industry term that refers to content that is compatible in multiple management systems.)

Embed Code

Used to add an activity directly into the Syllabus with an embed code.

File Attachment

Used to upload any file from your computer or external drive directly into the Syllabus.

Google Drive Document

Used to upload a document from Google Drive.

Rich-Text Activity

Used to create your own text-based activity and add it directly into the Syllabus.

Website Link

Used to add a website directly into the Syllabus so that your students may access it. 
NOTE: The website must start with http:// rather than www.

YouTube Video

Used to allow the insertion of a YouTube video into content.

NOTE: Lincoln Learning Solutions teachers do not currently use this function.


Used to assess student mastery of activities. An assessment correlates to a quiz or test in a normal classroom setting. Multiple settings can be applied to assessments to vary the student experience.


Used to add a customized assignment to the course.

TIP: All options available for an activity are also available on this custom-created activity in the SETTINGS tab.


Used by students and teachers to create their own content based on the current course subject.

Custom Activity

Used to link to external websites or activities. A custom activity can include SCORM content and is a gradable item. (SCORM is an industry term that refers to content that is compatible in multiple management systems.)


Used as an open forum in a course to discuss specific topics.


Used to allow custom flashcards to be created.


Used by students to create their own personal journal entries consisting of their thoughts on the course, current subject matter, and more.

Peer Assessment

Used to add peer assessment opportunities for students. These assessments give students the ability to evaluate their peers’ work in addition to their own work.

Practice Questions (formerly Homework)

Practice Questions are gradable, question-based activities. They are similar to an assessment, but students can submit, review, and retake questions one at a time.


Used as a placeholder to allow students to click on a link to an external survey provider.


Used by teachers and students for collaborative writing exercises. Everyone with access to the Wiki can view a history of revisions and see the users who made them.

NOTE: Adjusting settings at the activity or assessment level may block global updates if applied, or updates must be applied manually post adjustment of settings at the activity or assessment level.

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