Buzz Editor: Adding Folders and Content

This resource explains how to add folders and content to a course.

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Once you have logged in to Buzz, locate the course in which you wish to add folders and click the Editor icon.

The Syllabus of your course will immediately open. To add a folder, locate the ADD ACTIVITY option below the list of course folders.

Select Folder from the pop-up menu.

Moving a Folder

To move a folder, simply drag and drop it in a new location.


Once your folder is created, click the plus sign to add to the folder.

Once you select the plus sign, you will see many options for what you can add to your folder.

Select Library to search the Digital Library assets to which you have access. You can also add your own content or create an activity within Buzz.

TIP: Visit the Buzz Editor Activity Types article to read a description of each activity type.

To preview what you have created, click on the More Options icon and select Preview.

When you are finished with your preview, click the arrow to return to the Syllabus.

Additionally, the eye icon allows you to hide items from student view. The pencil icon allows you to edit the settings for the item.

Finally, to move an item, simply drag and drop it to a new location.


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