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This article provides an overview of the Observer role in Buzz.


Lincoln Learning Solutions uses Buzz as its preferred LMS. Designed with the K-12 learner in mind, Buzz helps students to become self-starting learners.

As a coach or parent, you will have access to an observer role in our LMS. In the Observer role, you may monitor student progress directly in Buzz. This will allow you to log in like your student, but not as your student.

This video provides an excellent overview on how you can monitor students as an observer in Buzz. Click the Play button to get started, or read the information below.

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With your provided credentials, log in to

To access Buzz, click the bee icon.

This action opens Buzz in a new tab and directs you to the Choose Student page. Select a student from your list.


Do you want to know when your student has received teacher feedback or a score on a submission? Would you like to be notified if your student’s score drops below passing? As an observer, you can set notification preferences to receive updates.

To set your preferences, click on your name in Buzz and select Settings from the drop-down menu.  

Scroll down until you find Notifications preferences. Verify your email address. You can also add a mobile phone number if you wish.

Next, under Observer notifications, select the type(s) of notification(s) you would like to receive. Click the preferred delivery of the notifications and choose how often you want to receive them.

Click SAVE to save your settings.


Once you have entered Buzz, select the student you want to observe by clicking on the student’s name.

You will be directed to that student’s Home page. This page contains three tabs. You will see a COURSES tab, a TO-DO LIST tab, and an ACTIVITY STREAM tab. The COURSES tab is the default. This tab displays the Course Card for each course in which the student is enrolled.


To observe a different student, click the navicon to open the Main Menu.

Next, select the Choose Student option from the top of the Main Menu list. This will bring you back to your Choose Student list, where you can select a different student.


To learn more about navigating Buzz, please visit the Student Tutorials by selecting the i within a circle in Buzz. The list below provides an overview of the tutorials available.

Student Video Tutorials

Student Video Tutorial Landing Page This link directs to a resource that contains all student video tutorials.
Getting to Know Buzz This video introduces students to Buzz, the learning management system.
Home: A Bird's-Eye View This video highlights everything a student can access from the Home page in Buzz.
Navigating Your Course This video shows students how to navigate and complete tasks for their courses in Buzz.
Submitting an Online Assessment This video introduces online assessments and explains how to complete each question type.
Viewing Your Grades in Buzz

This resource explains how to view your grades and check your course progress and current scores in Buzz.


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