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Product Overview Lincoln Empowered Credit Recovery courses provide students the opportunity to recover credits while building their own pathways to learning. Students may test out of content they have mastered and spend more time on the content they need to revisit. 
Top Facts
  1. Students can test out of content through a topic-level Pre-Test.
  2. Credit Recovery content is comprised of course-specific content.
  3. These courses are auto-graded with the option to enable manually scored Assess Its, resulting in an element of teacher touch.
  4. Assessment questions are aligned and tagged at the learning objective level, and students are assessed at the learning objective level. Learning objectives collectively meet the standards.
  5. Similar to other Empowered courses, Credit Recovery courses are multimodal and can be self-paced. 
Credit Recovery vs. Auto-Graded vs. Remediation

Credit Recovery courses are designed to allow students the opportunity to focus on the content necessary to master learning standards. This is intended to be an abbreviated experience, as students should already have some functional understanding of the content. Students will be able to meet performance expectations via the coursework presented to them, along with support and feedback from their teacher.

Auto-Graded courses are designed to transition students more easily to online learning as they contain standards-driven, comprehensive educational content with online-only, auto-graded assessments. These courses still reinforce concepts and measure student learning by providing built-in, real-time feedback.

Remediation courses are designed to remediate targeted concepts or commonly tested ideas. Remediation courses may include content from multiple courses, if necessary. 
Course Structure

Each course begins with a Course Resources section that contains two required videos for students.

Each course contains topic-level folders.

The first lesson in a topic folder begins with a Pre-Test.

Students must take the Pre-Test.

If students master specific learning objectives on the Pre-Test, they may be excused from that content moving forward. 

The content lesson folders that follow contain learning objects for each learning objective.

Students must complete each Assess It in chronological order of the course.

NOTE: If a topic has ten lessons, that equates to one Pre-Test lesson, eight learning objectives-driven lessons, and one Post-Test lesson. 

The last lesson within a topic folder contains the Post-Test for that topic.

Students must take the Post-Test.

IMPORTANT: If a threshold is set, students must reach the passing score or higher. Clients can choose the threshold score and the number of retries.

If a course uses LLS teachers, the Post-Test threshold is set at 60%.

If a course uses client teachers, this threshold can be customized. 


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